Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of blog posts recently, because a lot has been happening, but this one is really important and contains a lot of information!

We have finally been given a schedule for the upcoming delivery of releases, and basically, between now and the end of April, we are getting around ninety releases. NINETY.

This is because all the very delayed releases are finally going to arrive. There is quite a lot to say about this, so let me elaborate on what is expected and what is going to happen.

Firstly, all of you who have records on presale or are waiting on orders. EVERY one of the records will be here by the middle of April. So 8 weeks maximum. Some are coming earlier, some later, but all are coming.
This means we will have:

KF159 - Ray Keith Box Set
KF155 - Liquid Lethal
KF154 - Jonny L (Remixes)
KF180 - The House Crew Box Set
KBOGR45T / KBOGR47T - Baraka Bundle

All of the above are absolute priority and we will be sending them out as soon as humanly possible. I say as soon as humanly possible because these releases are all part of the ninety expected. And some of them are coming April 4th, which is currently set to be FIFTY releases at once. The record press understands that it will be a little difficult to manage that many releases (understatement) and there is no doubt about it - we are going to struggle with this. So I am going to repeatedly ask you all to be as patient as you can be even though you have been the worlds most patient customers until now. We WILL get the records to you as fast as we can, but it is going to be chaotic for a while.

Now, there are a number of other releases I know you are all excited about, including The Sandman, Hectic Remixes, The Acen TTTM Dubplate “free” record, The Force & Evolution Box Set, Champion Sound remixes repress, Daddy Armshouse Box Set, Nookies Box Set, Spiritual Aura Blame Remixes, and the many and various Just Another Label releases (we are expecting ALL of the ones on order) and Out of Romford releases (up to No. 10). And that’s not to mention the various Kniteforce, Remix, Knitebreed, KFW, Second Drop, Hectics and etc. All of these are coming too.

Its a lot.

There is only one way possible to manage this avalanche of music and it is like this: Make a plan, and adjust the plan depending on events. So here is the plan:

Anything we can hold back for good reason will be held back for good reason. 
Anything we can put up immediately will be put up immediately.
Anything that is a pre-sale will get priority
Anything that is a BIG item will get priority

How this will work in practice is that we will try to put up new releases each week on a Thursday night at 7pm.

So for example, we are expecting KFW13 (DS1) and KFW14 (Sub Fundation) to be with us next week, and they will go up for sale on the 17th of February. Along with a bunch of TPs INCLUDING the Test Presses of the Nookie Box Set (40 only), and a bunch of releases from other labels because in amongst all of this chaos, we are still continuing to expand the store to host more of our friends and music we would want!

At the same time as the KFW13 and KFW14 are being delivered, we are also expecting a delivery of the first Kniteforce Prime EP -  KFP01 (Innercore). Meanwhile, KFP02 (Dee Sub) is also being pressed and expected to land in a few weeks time. With this in mind, we will hold back KFP01 until KFP02 is here, so they can be released together - likely on the 3rd of March, which is also when we will put up the 40 Moondance Album Box Set Test Presses.

Likewise, we are expecting KF156 - The Sandman next week. We are expecting KF166 - The Sandman Remixes late March. So I will hold back KF156 until KF166 is here because again, they go together and should be released together.

Of the pre Sale items, we are expecting Liquids Lethal Bundle and Acens “Free Bonus Record” and KF154 Jonny L Remixes to be ready in March. As soon as they come, they will start being packed and sent out. 

All the rest of the Pre Sale items are going to land within weeks of those ones. And again, they will get packing priority.

Lastly, we have big ticket items such as the Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set, and the Daddy Armshouse Box Set arriving. As soon as they do, they will go on the store.

Some releases, such as Dj Solo, we have no information on at this time. It is defintiely coming, but the pressing plant have not got a confirmed arrival date for us yet is all. So do not panic about what hs not been mentioned!!!

It is probably cheeky to ask you guys for favours, but I am going to do it anyway because there are some things you can do that will really help.

Firstly, if you need to update your address because you have moved, please do it now!

Secondly, please do not ask us to combine orders, even when it would actually save us money to do so. Postage is horrible, and in any usual event we are happy to save money for you or for us when it comes to postage. But we are going to be hip deep in orders, and combining two or three is tough to do even when there’s not much else on. As it is, it simply cannot be done.

Thirdly, please be careful when ordering. Changing an order is even harder than combining an order lol.

Fourthly, and most importantly, please be patient and bear with us! This situation is a blessing because we have been waiting for this music for so long. I am thrilled to be finally getting the long delayed records to you and I am sure you are too. But it is also a curse, because this is going to stretch the council and myself to our limits as we try to process, pack, and send literally thousands and thousands of orders. Problems will arise. Mistakes will be made. But you know how we roll, we always fix any issue and will always do our best to make sure you get what you want! Its just going to be a bit tricky is all.

Nice one,


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It begins! Gteat work as usual:)

Commented 12th February 2022 09:38


do whatever works best for you Chris... i've waited this long, a little longer isnt going to make it any harder :)

Commented 12th February 2022 09:59


Wow that's really a lot of info and exciting news. Better don't hurry to much, we (at least I) will show as much patience as I can. Sure do i want the records as fast as possible bit also I don't want to push yoz into a struggling situation. Keep up your work, you show how it can be with tje right bunch of customers that are informed.

Commented 12th February 2022 11:12


This is great news as a customer. But sounds like the KF council is going to be tested to its limits with all the orders and posting. Good luck guys and thanks for all the hard work.

Commented 12th February 2022 11:22


Does this mean the "layaway" option you mentioned a couple of blogs ago isn't going to be up and running? Great news on all the records coming through

Commented 12th February 2022 12:25

No, we are still going to implement that as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next week or two, but...yeah. So much happening, we will see.

Replied 12th February 2022 02:36


Can we please see a photo of the whiteboard containing the meticulous plan for this insane situation? :-) Fingers crossed, thanks for the good news!

Commented 12th February 2022 12:54

lol I had to abandon the white board...

Replied 12th February 2022 03:41