Updates on ALL the delayed vinyl and Pre-Sales

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on the pre-sales, and what we have been told, and what I think is going to happen, because those two things are not the same lol.

Firstly, have a look at the image:

The keen observer will notice that all of the releases are set for “March 2022”. Basically, that’s what we have been told is the delivery date of everything. As you must know by now, Kniteforce has a huge number of releases that have been cut, and most of which have had the test presses delivered, but the actual finished runs of the records have not arrived. According to the record press, ALL of them are coming in March 2022, or maybe April 2022.

I sincerely hope not lol. At last count, that would mean a delivery of roughly…

93 x 10” and 12” singles


6 x Box Sets

Which is, I don’t know, 100,000 records? Lol. I don’t think they are all going to come in March 2022. If they do, we will have our own personal record fair. But here is what I have done as far as priorities go:

The above pictured pre-sales are all ABSOLUTE PRIORITY. They are all the very first things to go to press as soon as they can regardless of where they are in the Kniteforce queue. So I am expecting them in March. I have asked for delivery dates on all, and I triple checked it with the press re: the House Crew Box Set before it went up for pre-sale. So I am as sure as we can be, that that is when the presales will be delivered.

Now we move on to my own speculation: I actually think they will come sooner. Right now, all the presses are hugely backed up with the utter drivel the major labels are desperate to peddle before Xmas. But once Xmas lands, and many of those things don’t arrive in time, I suspect they will cancel a bunch of orders. I also think that the pressing plant is always pessimistic - in the past they have always given us worse dates than what has actually happened. And maybe they are right to be. Covid looks like its flexing its muscles again, and many of the issues facing the industry have not changed. But I also know my pressing plant is getting new machines and there are more plants opening...

So all in all, the news is a bit crap, yes. But personally? I think we will start to see stuff maybe as soon as January and February.

Also, 10” press, while affected, isn’t quite as backed up, so we will start to get some of the things we got pressed on 10” sooner, including the three Dj Solo releases and some of the JAL represses.

Still, its really not a great situations, so for the immediate future, here is what we are doing:

1. From next week, we are going to start going through ALL the presale orders, and sending whatever we can. So if you have ordered pre sale records AND some in stock records, we will send you the ones we have in stock, and add a note to your order so you know what you are getting and why. This is going to cost us a bunch of money in postage and mailers, but we will eat that cost because these delays are unexpected and terrible, and its the least we can do in appreciation of your constant and unwavering support. I know a few of you will now message me saying “Chris, you don’t need to do that for my orders” and I love you for it, but let me do this nice thing. The faith you put in my label is humbling, and in the great scheme of things, while this does have a cost, it also makes sure we get a bunch of records sent out and clears space for us. Besides, its the right thing to do. So its all good.

2. The digital files for Liquid and Jonny L are available for download now, and I will try to get permission to make other digital files for pre-sale items available before the vinyl arrives.

3. I will keep you all up to date on everything as best I can.

Other than that, I need to mention KLEG06 - Champion Sound (Alliance Remixes). We were about 100 short, and we are expecting the delivery of the missing ones any time. I keep being told they are on their way, but often things sit at customs for weeks now. Like every aspect of this industry, its a contant uphill wade through a sea of frustrating chaos. But please bear with me, we are doing everything we can, I promise!

So that’s the update for today!

Once again, thank you all for the support, you are amazing and we remain grateful for it!

Nice one,


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Thanks for a concise update Chris, was wondering when the Q project would turn up. Must all be fairly stressful for you. Have a good holiday break.

Commented 10th December 2021 05:06


A lot of us have been waiting 25 years for a lot of these, so a few months is nothing - the work you guys are doing makes a huge difference to a lot of us, it’s awesome that this thing is still going strong. Respect and much love to you all, here’s to a vinyl full 2022 ???

Commented 10th December 2021 05:20


Cheers for the update Chris. Total understand the delay, no drama on my end. Keep up the good work and awesome tunage :-)

Commented 10th December 2021 05:32


If you decide to have a record fair Can I be considered hehe like jonnsz said make sure you have a good break with family. March is Sound.

Commented 10th December 2021 05:34 | Updated 10th December 2021 05:36


Great work, thanks pal :)

Commented 10th December 2021 05:41


thank you for the update........march it is then!!.....on the subject of 10"s.....are there any legends vs legends in the pipeline?? take care..merry xmas to you & your family......peace....paul

Commented 10th December 2021 06:45


Thanks for the update Chris and for all your hard work . Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

Commented 10th December 2021 07:44


Thanks Chris love these updates and would love the ray Keith files to be added so we can download while we while patiently for the lovely vinyl to arrive

Commented 10th December 2021 08:57


update, appreciated thanks.

Commented 11th December 2021 12:02


This will be a logistic masterpiece, i hope all will be good for you. Biggest respect ✊. Time for some new releases, i just have pre-sales open ?

Commented 11th December 2021 08:41


Chris, you don’t need to do that for my orders…sorry, couldn’t resist. ? I’m excited for March! I better order that Liquid LP soon!

Commented 11th December 2021 02:17


Kniteforce really is a good example of how a small company comes out looking good from a bad situation. Loads of things out of your control, Chris, but youre always keeping people up to date with the er dates. People appreciate it and along with the killer tunes thats why people are happy to wait.

Commented 13th December 2021 10:20