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Hello Everyone,

Well, it has been a few weeks since the last blog, and I haven't really had time to even think about what to write. And this last week, my whole family and myself have been very ill with some sort of flu like virus (not covid, we checked) and it has been proper horrible. But to bring you up to speed...

On Friday last week, we received 3 HUGE pallets of outer boxes for the House Crew, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, and Ray Keith 21st Century Junglist Box Sets. Normally these go to the pressing plant and they pack them, but to speed things up, I had them come to me to pack. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then...over the weekend we started to get ill. By Monday, I was so sick I could barely stand, but of course that was the day that we received SEVEN pallets of records (The House Crew Box Set vinyl, The Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set vinyl). 

So Monday and Tuesday I was standing in our storage area, freezing cos its the coldest day of the ever, packing box sets while being basically a dead man walking.

On Tuesday we had another two pallets of records show up, the Ray Keith 21st Century Box Set vinyl. Tuesday was "Revenge of the Monday" and equally unpleasant from a "how am I alive if I feel like this?" perspective lol.

All in all its been a tough few days.

It's a postal strike today and was one yesterday as well. And we are STILL waiting on KF193 (the bonus record for the House Crew Box Set) grrr...but with any luck that will arrive today, or early tomorrow. 
As soon as it does, Cindy and I will pack orders and send them out. Cindy is currently in bed though, so we are doing the best we can basically. Bear with us. This is far from ideal :(

We only now have about 150 copies of the 6 vinyl House Crew box set left. So if you are gonna get it, now is the time i think...

KF192/KF193 - the House Crew - Ozomatlis Return Part 2 (6 Vinyl Extended Box Set)

Now, for the immediate future: Monday 19th December is the official release date of the incredible Jay Cunning "Hardcore Junglist" album. It will be available digitally on all the stores, Juno and Beatport etc in a slimmer format (no Kniteforce Mix, fewer unmixed tracks) and is available on our store as a gorgeous USB right here:

KFZ17 - Jay Cunning - Hardcore Junglist

I really hope you will all support and get behind this album. We intend it to grow from strength to strength, and ideally it will be the central compilation album for our scene. I have been very hands off with it. Jay has had full control over the content and artwork, and he has collected some of the finest music from all the labels accross our scene...its very, very good. I really want this album to be its own thing, not a "Kniteforce" album, because I want it to represent the whole scene, not just Kniteforce And Friends, if you see what I mean? So yeah, please support and share links for this album.

Also, we have come across some unsold copies of some of the earliest Kniteforce stuff since we restarted doing vinyl - KF67 - KF101, some early Breeds etc. I will add them to the store for Monday as well. 

A lot of you have also been asking about the Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set. This will be available on Boxing Day. Which means, technically, it will go for sale at 7pm on Xmas day (its just the way our store is set up, it releases new things at 7pm on the day it is scheduled, so for this box set to be available on Boxing day during the day, it will need to go on ale at 7pm the day before - sorry about that).
Anyway, its a pretty epic package, if I say so myself. Which I do. Jimmy and I worked hard on this, and I think we have some of the best music we have ever done on here. It was a wonderful thing for me, working with my old friend again. And we fell back into it like no time had passed. Working with Jennifer Bolton was a joy as well. All in all, I think the new music on here would have been so huge back in the day. Take Control and Follow Me would have been like Six Days and Take Me Away levels of play.
Regardless, this is something really special.
So the details: We will only have about 270 of these available. Its a 5 vinyl set, but comes with TWO free extra 12" records, one of them on white vinyl. It also comes with a Remix Records sticker and a USB containing EVERY Jimmy J & Cru-l-t track we have ever done. 
In a nutshell: This box set is epic.

I might also add a few other extra things to the store for Boxing Day...some singles from some box sets...something exclusive or other... We will see :)

I also need to make a quick note about INFL24 - Ray Keith - 21st Century Junglist Box Set. Those of you who ordered KF159 - Ray Keith - The Golden Years Box Set will have had a link sent to purchase this box set early and at a discount. As it is now in stock, it is being sent to you. But if you have not yet purchased it, be aware that the offer will end on Boxing Day.
For the rest of you, this will be available late January:

Well....I think its safe to say that the long expected avalanche of music is here. And this is a good thing I think, even though it is also going to be hell of a challenge to manage it all. And hard for everyone to keep track I think lol.

With that in mind I have updated the ticker. I am expecting the Moondance Box Set and the Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set in early January. Those might even arrive BEFORE Xmas. I don't know exactly. Other than that, so much is on order that I genuinely cannot say what will arrive when. So even the ticker is to be taken with a grain of salt...changes are certain to come, some things might have been missed out from the Ticker...so...yeah.

And thats about it for todays blog. Huge thank you to all of you for everything! 2022 was a bit fo a dick, but 2023 looks like it is going to be absolutely epic!

Nice one,


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Mate you made me nore then once a lucky guy. I wish to you and your family that you will recover very quick *fingers crossed*. You've done an amazing job this year and I wanna say big big respect for this to you and your team in the background.

Commented 15th December 2022 05:05


Any sign of a house crew slipmat? I'm not expecting delivery on this till after the hols. Don't supose KF176 will be this side of xmas then either?

Commented 15th December 2022 10:07

We arent going to be putting a slipmat with this box set. We just cannot get the mats! We STILL havent got them, even now. We will try and make a House Crew 2 slipmat available on the store for those who bought the box set in the near future.

Replied 17th December 2022 09:22


Hi Chris :) I bought the Ray Keith Golden years box set but didn't receive any email with a link to buy the 21st Century Box set. Id be interested in purchasing this early.

Commented 16th December 2022 06:14

email me directly at cindyhowell@kniteforcerevolution.com :)

Replied 16th December 2022 09:57