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Hello everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for the support on the House Crew Box Set. I know Pre Sales are a pain, but this is a prime example of why we need to do them - I had ordered a certain amount, and I have had to DOUBLE that order. It is nearly impossible to guess what I will need to order when it comes to box sets, but I can tell almost instantly what I will need once the response comes in for the first few days. 
I order based on the initial sales, then I can make an educated guess on how many more will sell in the coming weeks and months, and then I add a little more to that so I have enough to cover everyone.

In this box sets case, we quickly reached the amount I had ordered, and have been able to up the order to cover current and expected sales. So a huge thanks to all of you. In this messy time of vinyl ordering, it saves me a huge headache and it assures you will get the music rather than have it sell out because I did not order enough!

One gentle reminder - the discount ends on Friday night…

So onto the next things…as mentioned in other places, the plan was to announce the mystery new presale and make it live this week…but with all the crazy of Xmas, and with the House Crew Box set having followed the Black Friday sales, which followed the Xmas Hamper, I think it is wiser to leave it until next year to do this. I don’t yet know if I will gamble on ordering what I think we will need, or do a presale in January, so for now, I will leave it as coming soon…

Nice one,


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Whuuuuuuuut! ? Cant wait for the Dj Solo presale ???

Commented 7th December 2021 02:14


Wowzers wear trousers , can’t wait for the DJ Solo stuff, this is awesome news

Commented 7th December 2021 02:23



Commented 7th December 2021 03:31


Oooooooooof - right in the dog's whotsits...... :) They will fly out - its on many a person's wantlist.

Commented 7th December 2021 04:38 | Updated 7th December 2021 04:39


I'm in ? also if i have to wait until next year. Kniteforce Roxx!

Commented 7th December 2021 05:53


I'm in can't wait for the pri sale to open

Commented 7th December 2021 06:11


I will be bagging the Dj Solo stuff when it is available.

Commented 7th December 2021 09:13


Dj solo darkage :) what a great tune

Commented 7th December 2021 09:55


Mental. Banging tune

Commented 9th December 2021 03:16