The Traditionally Extensive Monday Blog Post Extravaganza....

Hello Everyone,

Its Monday, and its been a week or two, so I guess I better update you on the 50 billion things that have happened since my last blog lol...

The most exciting news is that I no longer have to update you about KF186-190 Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set, because it is here, it has been sent out, and it is beautiful. You can get your copy right now if you have not already:

KF186-190 - Dj Force & The Evolution - The Perfect Dream

So now we only have one more long overdue box set that people are waiting for:

KF203-233 Moondance - Together 2022

I am expecting this one any day. I know it went on the press late last week, so I would imagine it will be here this week or next week. And I cannot wait. A time will come soon where we can mail all of those orders out to customers, and do all the current orders in the store that day...and then for the first time in nearly 2 years, my store will have NO overdue orders. I may have to crack open some champagne and do a little dance when that happens. 
I know its been horrible for you guys who are waiting for things - but I imagine it will take me months before I no longer feel the stress of the late orders, as that has been part of my existence for so long now. It's a bit like wearing a very heavy eventually hunch your shoulders from walking with that all the time. Once the hat is removed, you're gonna stay hunched for a while. That might be the weirdest analogy ever. Piss off, hunch hat. lol....Anyway, the point is...Moondance box set is coming any day now.

What else is coming? fact I currently have...lets count and see...24 releases on order. Its a mixture of older, much delayed and newer, right on lets have a little look shall we?

Firstly, I am expecting the small repress of REC35 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - In Effect to arrive this week.

This is another pre-sale that will be finished with by the end of the week, all be it a much smaller pre-sale as it is only been a few weeks since we added this one to the store. The initial order on this box set, released on Boxing Day, was sold out within a week pretty much. Which nicely demonstrates a point I will make a bit further down regarding the upcoming Nookie Box Set. But for now...

We are also expecting a restock on these two:

KF203 - Dj Solo - Darkage / Axis

KF99R - Hyper-On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Bootleg Remixes)

The Dj Solo release was ordered for restock very recently, the Hyper-On Experience restock was ordered in 2021. Its a weird situation we are in now, with both current ordered records like the recent DMS EPs and the Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set arriving at the same time as records I ordered way back, like the Null Lines repress or Dj Force & The Evolution. But I would imagine in about two months, we will finally have got up to date.

I have also ordered a repress on KF204 - Dj Solo - Darkage / Axis (Original Remixes) - I did this at the same time as I reordered on the original...but I have not been notified of it being pressed yet!

Other than those two represses? We do have a few little releases coming lol...I have been assured that we are about to get:

KF197 - Neuromancer - Pennywise

KF198 - Neuromancer - Pennywise Remix

KF199 - Structual Damage - Really Livin'

Closely followed by the long delayed Nookie Box Set:

KF200 / KF201 - Nookie - The Rest is History (Part One)

KF201 - Nookie - Bonus 12"

My intention is to release the Symphony Sounds vinyl as soon as it arrives, and that will be later this week or next week. Probably next week. Also, to answer the questions I get every time I mention pennywise: Yes, Suspension of Disbelief is coming. We plan to do all of the Symphony Sounds releases although some are going to be tougher to do than others due to finding the DATs and etc. Which is why I have not announced the Pennywise PA mix, but, yes, that will come if we can find the DAT, which we havent found yet.

We are going to open a short pre-sale on the Nookie Box Set on the 30th of March. The Nookie Box Set is coming from the new plant, and I have been assured it will be with me in early - mid April. With the Moondance set already about to arrive, and with the Symphony Sounds releases imminent, there is no way we will be able to cope with the orders on the Nookie Box Set without knowing how many we are going to send out, how much packaging we need, and all that good stuff. 
Frankly, I suspect this will be one of our biggest releases ever. It is rammed with much sought after represses of huge and classic tracks, plus it has a number of exceptional remixes from Madcap, Acen, Pete Cannon and Blame. 
I have no idea if I have ordered too many, or not enough from the pressing plant - much as I love releasing them, box sets are incredibly hard to predict as mentioned above with the Jimmy J & Cru-l-t set. So as well as the pre-sale giving me time to get everything we need for the release ready, it will also give me time to increase the order if needed, or at least get a repress initiated so people aren't waiting too long. 

Of course, I dread doing any kind of pre-sale at this point, and I would not even contemplate if it were not for the fact this is such a big release, and that my new pressing plant has so far proven very reliable, with any delays they have had being addressed quickly, and soon fixed.

The Nookie set will be 5 vinyl, with a bnus 6th vinyl in white, and the first 300 ordered will come with this lovely slipmat, and a sticker too...

Let me interrupt this blog to give you an example of how chaotic things are at the moment. I started writing this blog at 6am (I get up early) and stopped just as I got to writing about the Nookie Box Set. When I got back from dropping the kids off at school, I get an email saying that KFP09 - Sunshine Productions - has been pressed. That is one of the twenty four releases currently on order. And it was ordered to arrive at the same time as KFP11 - Jonny L. So those may well show up this week lol. This is why it is kind of hard to work out what to do and when. But yeah, its good news cos again, these are just superb releases! Anyway, we can expect them to be hear like...anytime? haha.

KFP09 - Sunshine Productions - 1990 EP

KFP11 - Jonny L - The Return EP

Okay, so lets look at the future a little bit more...For a long time, about five months, I was unable to cut new releases because older records had not arrived, and it forced my entire label to kinda slow down to a crawl, and then to a stop pretty much. It was bloody annoying. 
But thats all over now, and its all go, go, go. So now the music is flowing....which means we recently cut these wonderful things...

KF169 - Secret Squirrel - Wickford Bad Boy (Double Pack)

KF171 - Acen - Champion (feat Artwork by Junior Tomlin)

KF243 - Fast Floor - Plight Of The Innovators (Remix)

KF244 - Isotonik - Different Strokes (Box Set)

KF245 - EPS - Follow Your Leader

KF246 - Various Artists - Remixes 21

KF258 - Q Project / The Trip - Champion Sound (Hyper-On Experience Remix)  / The Erb (Ray Keith Remix)

Not to mention a few that are missing because the artwork isn't done yet, including the incredible new Hyper-On Experience EP which is...I mean, jeez. Its so good. Hardcore Breakfast and Playground Tactics already feature in my new Supaset and I have already seen them smash the dancefloor at CTH. And then of course there is some exciting unreleased Acen tracks and so on. 

Also, notes on the above...Acen has a new box set (KF170 - Monolith) featuring Window In The Sky and Close Your Eyes, but we are doing the trasitional thing os releasing a single first (KF171, above) because we thought that might be fun!

Also, Remixes 21 is gonna arrive before Remixes 20 because life is just plain odd sometimes haha!

Honestly, 2023 is already so exciting. There are so many things I am biting my tongue about, you have no idea...and I cannot tell you yet. And that brings me neatly to:

Knite Club 2: The Second Coming. We have already sold a ton of tickets for the event, about a quarter of them so far - which is amazing considering we have given you no information about the event, and its still 6 months away. Big ups to every nutter out there that bought a ticket, you bloody stars, the lot of you. But I will say again, you made the right decision...this one mustn't be missed. I can guarantee you, there are at least 4 major acts that you wont see anywhere else this year or next, and three of those you wont have seen in decades. And all are huge names. Huge. Famous even. 
Basically, I have tried to outdo the Knite Club's line up and, well...I have. If I say so myself. Which I do lol.
And those four headliners? They are just four of like...all headliners. I mean, I work with a lot of brilliant people. So, i am like "wanna play?" and they are like "sure" and I am like "Whoop!!!!" haha. Its kind of amazing! When i did the first event, I was told multiple times that it was a lot of work for no money - and that was true, mainly cos i spent all the money of foam fingers and Djs and making sure it would be wicked. But I was also told it wouldn't be fun, and on that score, people were wrong. Sure, it was hard work, but to spend a night with wicked music and all these artists I admire and work with? That was absolutely brilliant. I LOVED every second of doing the event.
So I intend to do exactly the same thing again. i will spend all the money on making it awesome, and will look forward to a night of wicked music and brilliant people.
Come join us:

Knite Club 2 - The Second Coming -  Tickets Here

And now, KF177 (NRG), KF248 (Hyper-On Experience) and KFW19 (Ross Fader) test presses have just off I go to make sure they sound brilliant!!!

Nice one,


PS Phoenix got mad cos I didn't want to play tag. You don't care, why would you? But here is a picture of how angry he was about it...

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Wow much excitement isn't right, it's not half of that what's coming. Amazing news, poor bank account. But KF must be supported! Big ups Chris & Crew, c ya on KC2

Commented 13th March 2023 02:22

Your support is always amazing mate, thank you :)

Replied 13th March 2023 04:28


That's a proper angry face the total opposite to my face when the DJ Force and Evolution box set turned up. I may have had it on digital but it didn't compare to holding it in my hand. All at KF step back and take a breath well done you delivered when most would have given up.

Commented 13th March 2023 02:46

Thank you mate. And i think I had the exact same face as Phoenix more than once during this whole procedure. I should have just sent that photo to MPO every single time lol

Replied 13th March 2023 04:28


Have my tickets for KC2, looking forward to it!! Great update, can’t wait for some of the above mentioned releases, also wanted to say thanks to you and Cindy for being patient when I have emailed about various things over last few months, the speedy replies and flexibility offered has been excellent customer service :-).

Commented 13th March 2023 02:52

You are welcome mate - we strive to make it a good experience and we even get it right every now and again lol

Replied 13th March 2023 04:29


So much stuff coming out, Need more record storage at home.

Commented 13th March 2023 02:53

Haha, actually, mine has run out too. i keep copies of everything I release and right now I have a pile of records on top of my record storage racks cos I am all out!

Replied 13th March 2023 04:30


Lol Phoenix! Thanks for the update and hard work :)

Commented 13th March 2023 03:12

Very welcome (me) WAAAHHHH (Phoenix)

Replied 13th March 2023 04:30


This sounds like I may have to sell some vinyl to make some space for more vinyl 😂😂😂

Commented 13th March 2023 05:48

Ah, the tough choices we have to make lol

Replied 14th March 2023 06:25


Can’t wait for the Nookie box set… my original copy of give a little love is completely battered and needs replacing! Keep up the good work Chris, much love to you and all the KF crew :-)

Commented 13th March 2023 08:16

All my Nookie vinyl got smashed, every sleeve haggard, so I am wanting this bog set just as much as anyone else!!!

Replied 14th March 2023 06:25


Just had the decks serviced, and the are sounding and playing amazing… so I guess I better carry on buying all this lovely vinyl!

Commented 13th March 2023 09:10

Your support is noticed and appreciated and I hope we get to work together in the near future! Big ups!

Replied 14th March 2023 06:25


I would like to see his face when he gets to play tag!

Commented 14th March 2023 09:44

I will add that to the next blog! lol

Replied 16th March 2023 01:29


Any plans to release suspension of disbelief on symphony sounds? Edit:. Ignore that missed it in the post first time round 🤣

Commented 16th March 2023 07:48 | Updated 16th March 2023 07:53


Fast Floor - Plight Of The Innovators (Remix) casually slipped in there! Looking forward to this one. Quality update as always

Commented 16th March 2023 09:58