The New Website is Open!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Kniteforce website!

Isn’t it grand? Yes it is! Its splendid. I am ridiculously happy with it, and I am pretty sure you will be as well. Massive thank you to John Dent who has crafted a site that is nigh on perfect. I mean, we will add to it because we cant leave shit alone, but you know…

This blog post could be very long as there is so much to say, but I am going try and be brief and condense it all, and before I can really get on with it, I have to talk a little bit about the KF Bandcamp site:

Firstly, and importantly, we are not going to use Bandcamp in any real way from now on. New releases will appear on this site, and only weeks later will we add maybe 5 copies on Bandcamp, simply to notify people that the new releases exist. And those releases WILL NOT have the digital files attached to them. This site is now the primary place for many of the labels, and for some labels, like KFW, its the ONLY place to get them.

So to be clear, if you bought anything on the KF Bandcamp recently, such as the presale of Hectic, Acen, Wislov and JDS, those orders will go out as usual, and YOU WILL GET THE DIGITAL FILES AS USUAL. But after those last releases are sent out to everyone, we will zero out the stock on all the releases in the KF Bandcamp store and we will not be updating (that bundle is due to land in the next 2 weeks by the way).

There are numerous reasons for this change, partly its because of all the annoying stuff that Bandcamp forces on us, but mainly its because what we have here in the new site is about four hundred and sixty three times better. So lets just do a nice list of all the things you need to be aware of:

1. New Releases:

We have a bunch of new releases, and they are all IN STOCK. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bundles have their own section in the store now!

When you buy ANY physical release, you will automatically get a link to the digital download. This site supplies the digital in a zip file - and you get the whole release in wav and 320 mp3 formats, plus artwork and bonus goodies if we have them. We also have some represses, and you will find them on the front page of the site :)

2. A Free Record:

For this first week, we are giving away a free record with every order. You can “buy” the record here:

K03 - Luna-C - The Fucking Selfish EP Vol. 2

I say buy because you still have to pay for postage lol. I am generous, but not THAT generous. The record in question is one of my own, a pressing of some tracks I made ages ago but had remastered as I think they deserved to be on vinyl (hence the title of the EP lol) and I think you will love it. Please only order one copy as this is a very limited press of 150. If you order more than one, well, we will still only send you one lol.

3. Back Catalogue:

The entire older back catalogue has been put up on the site. EVERY digital release on this site has been remastered. We already had the Kniteforce  and Remix catalogue remastered. But now we have also had KFA, Influential, and Knitebreed done. Basically, if we are selling it on this site, it is a remastered version. And we are considering making some of the long sold out but previously unavailable vinyl releases available as digital files exclusively for this site. We will see :) If you are asking where Malice is, yes, it too has been remastered, but we have some other plans and those remasters will go up soon…all will be revealed there. We are even gonna do the smaller labels like Dyne and Strange Room. And there are compilation albums and other obscurities still to go up. Just…give us time! The council and I have already spent 100s of hours just uploading!!!

4. Subscribers / VIPers:

If you paid for a subscription on the KF bandcamp site, please set up a user account for this site, then email  or pm me on FB to let me know you have done so. Please use the name and email you used for the Bandcamp subscription so I have it for reference, and I will add you to the VIP section on this site. It has to be done manually because the VIP section on this site is invite only, and forever, and cost free. I always wanted it like this, but Bandcamp forced us to do it other ways. But we are here now, so…

VIPers get:

  • An automatic 10% discount on all non exclusive items.
  • Exclusive vinyl, CDs, and digital releases and content.
  • The first 60 Kniteforce Records releases for free as digital downloads.
  • The first 20 Remix Records releases for free as digital downloads.
  • The first 15 Knitebreed Records releases for free as digital downloads.
  • Early options on limited releases such as the Ks and KFWs!

5. Merchandise:

I wanted this ready for the day the site went live. I also wanted Skeletor’s Snake Mountain as a kid. Sometimes you just have to wait. I have been waiting 40 years for Snake Mountain. But we are expecting slipmats, kf shirts and record bags in the next week or two.

6. Friends:

Now that we have a shop that can handle it, we will shortly be stocking releases from labels we are friendly with, such as Cantina Cuts and Liftin Spirit. This is another Snake Mountain type deal, I just did not get time to get those releases ready. But they are coming…

7. Ticker:

You will notice the ticker on the front page. Right now its telling you about the free record, but in the future it will be used to tell you the progress of releases - what has been cut, what test presses have arrived, and incoming vinyl. So that will be fun and informative!

8. This Blog

I will be blogging more often about KF and forthcoming releases and things. But now Saiyan also has access to the blog and will be telling you about KFA and Malice. Meanwhile, Bradders and Lowercase will also be talking about their new projects, including the KF Radio and Twitch (we have a Twitch now?), 2nd Drop Recordings and Remix Records, which they are now managing!

9. Forthcoming, and how we are running…

One of the main reasons for leaving Bandcamp was simply practicality. Currently, we are releasing music on our own labels: Kniteforce, Knitebreed, KFA, Remix Records, Kniteforce White, with plans for both Malice and Influential. But we are also releasing music for our friends at Out Of Romford, Bear Necessities, and Stompin’ Tunes. More recently, Boombastic Plastic has come to us with a TON of unreleased material, and we have more coming from Just Another Label  - represses and unreleased EPs as well. The first 3 are cut, and the first 10 are confirmed…and then remixes too. WAIT! I missed out Hectic lol, thats how busy we have got! I can list all of those and miss out one of the best hardcore labels ever? Oh, and then theres 2nd Drop, Lazarus and 4 The Core vinyl coming too. And a HUGE project I cant even mention that is on none of those labels. Its busy, you know?

All of this is just to say that while Kniteforce is, and always will be, primarily a record label, we have grown and changed and spread out….and now? Now we are a little more than that, and so we need to have a website that functions sort of like a store. Like a specialist store, because I am truly not interested in stocking everything that comes out. But I am very interested in creating and promoting good music, and working with good people, and finding fun exciting projects to get my teeth into…for that, we need a proper outlet, a proper store, where we can release music on a bi weekly or even weekly basis. We just…outgrew Bandcamp.

So welcome to the new Kniteforce Revolution website. Its gonna be fun! Oh, and heres a video for the forthcoming KFW EPs, out on the 27th of July…

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Significant sized ascending motions, mates!

Commented 13th July 2020 09:49 | Updated 13th July 2020 09:52


Biggest of ups! :)

Commented 13th July 2020 09:52


Speaking easily about my excitement... is anything but... hot diggity damn!

Commented 13th July 2020 10:56


Let the Revolution continue

Commented 13th July 2020 11:31


It's going to be BIG!!!!!!

Commented 13th July 2020 11:38


I have snake mountain, but I don't think it will survive shipping it to you.

Commented 14th July 2020 03:44


lots of hardcore goodness coming our way, yay

Commented 14th July 2020 05:02


Bigger than a big thing!!

Commented 14th July 2020 07:33


Never stop the hardcore! :)

Commented 14th July 2020 07:38


Exciting times! Looking forward to seeing what's next ?

Commented 14th July 2020 09:00


well done, looking forward to all these releases

Commented 14th July 2020 10:30


Massive is an understatement! It's mahussive!!!

Commented 14th July 2020 12:11


Nice one :)

Commented 14th July 2020 02:12 | Updated 14th July 2020 02:12


Looking forward to the EP dropping on KFW! Booooyyyaaaaa :) New Website looking like the Muts Nuts too! VIVA THE KNITEFORCE REVOLUTION! :)

Commented 14th July 2020 02:30


Good stuff!!!

Commented 14th July 2020 03:05


Bo Selekta!!

Commented 14th July 2020 03:21


I'm genuinely flabbergasted! And i don't even know what flabbergasted means.

Commented 14th July 2020 04:00


Gratulations! Site made with VueJS? Welcome to the future :D

Commented 14th July 2020 04:29


Looking wicked! I am going to need a second job :)

Commented 14th July 2020 04:36


Kniteforce Revolution forever!

Commented 14th July 2020 05:38



Commented 14th July 2020 07:27


Massive respect the size of the universe ????

Commented 14th July 2020 08:05


Loving the new site KF is life

Commented 14th July 2020 08:59


Amazing as always ❤

Commented 14th July 2020 09:06


Corr you lot put some work in. Thats mad the amount you got going on at the moment Fairplay to you Chris. Proper buzzing to see so much good music being released and rereleased, just wish my wallet could keep up. But na in all seriousness Thankyou for your hard work and keeping the music alive

Commented 14th July 2020 10:19


Request: In your Bundles please state the formats (Vinyl, CD, Digital Only) for the individual items, thanks <3

Commented 15th July 2020 07:37


Big family, big fun, big releases.... here we all find what we need to get out life sweet :) Well done!

Commented 15th July 2020 12:14


big big massive hands in the laser kinda respect to all KF crews...

Commented 15th July 2020 01:08


Welcome to the New World Order of Hardcore :) Big Ups!

Commented 15th July 2020 03:50


Weeeeee! So stoked to see the new site live. Congratulations and big ups all round.

Commented 15th July 2020 04:14


Oh, my stars and garters. Good Sir Knite, you have brought us a shrubbery to behold.

Commented 15th July 2020 05:11


Super glad to see the website is up and running! Epic work - just wondering - any chance of a search function in the store? I didn't see one - might have missed it so apologies if I did = )

Commented 16th July 2020 02:33


Thanks for all the work the site is working great, may I suggest adding a wishlist function in a future update ?

Commented 16th July 2020 01:53



Commented 16th July 2020 03:52


You make many people very happy! :D

Commented 17th July 2020 10:02


My birthday is a few weeks away. I'm gonna have some fun spending some £££ here.

Commented 19th July 2020 10:45


No worries Chris. I'm sure we all understand the various problems at the moment. I'm in no rush for my orders, I'll just patiently wait for them to arrive whenever that may be. Thanks for all of your hard work bringing these tunes to us

Commented 4th February 2021 01:36