The Acen Monolith Box Set: All You Need To Know (Blog 2 of 3)

Hello Again,

Welcome to "blog the second" which I am writing on the same day as blog the first, cos time is so short! Tomorrow (Tuesday) The Lowercase and I are out collecting KF stock, and some other labels stock, to bring back for Kniteforce Distribution, so I figured better get this done today. Gonna be knackered tomorrow!

Before I start, I wanted to confirm with you who are waiting on the Isotonik Box Sets: Those should go out by the end of this week. And those of you waiting on the Acen Trip To The Moon represses pre sale - I expect thos to arrive late this week or next week. The sooner the better for all of us, eh?

Anywho, as you might have guessed, this blog is all about Acen. And thats always a great topic to talk about, because Acen always has so many very exciting musics happening haha!

Right, lets start by confirming a few things! The Monolith Box Set, and the two Rare / Unreleased EPs and the SECRET EP will go up for presale on the 27th of July. 

I do not think it will be a very long presale. I was told on the phone that "KF170 will be ready first week in July" and I had to say "NO! No, please no. Thats too soon". Because pressing records has gone from "oohhh...cant press that for 18 months" to "okay, we will have them tomorrow" which is definitely better, but has its own issues. Anyway, the point is, I asked my pressing plant to hold it back until end of July at the very earliest. So I suspect the set will arrive close to when the presale opens. 

Two years ago, Acen's Trip To The Moon box set sold over 1500 copies. We are pressing considerably less than that on Monolith, because 2 years ago and now are very different times. But still, I expect this one to be one of the fastest selling releases we have ever had. 

There will be two versions of the set available. One will be the Extended Box Set, and that will be 8 x 12" records, a poster, a USB containing EVERY Acen release as well as some unreleased bits and bobs, stickers and an inflatable aardvark. That last bit is a lie. There will not be an aardvark, or if there is, it is a startlingly unlikely coincidence and it has nothing to do with me.

Would be great though.

There will also be the 5 vinyl version of the box set available. And the extra 3 records will be available in limited numbers individually.

I am doing it this way because I KNOW box sets are expensive and money is tight for many people. This way you can choose to get the Extended 8 Vinyl set with everything (and at a cheaper price than buying 8 records individually) or simply get the 5 vinyl set and / or the individual records. And so here is the artwork of all the things.

KF170 - Acen - Monolith

KF228 - Acen - Rare / Unreleased Vol 1

KF229 - Acen - Rare / Unreleased Vol 2

KF239 - Acen - SECRET

KFZ14 - Acen - Complete Works:

Other than that...if by chance you were interested in winning a set of these records as test presses, The Lowercase is doing a competition for them on his show this Saturday...

The Lowercase plays every week on the Promo Show from 7pm-9pm on:

Kniteforce Radio

where he plays all the Kniteforce related new its always worth tuning in, and this week will be quite Acen-y I think lol...I will also try to be in the chat, so why not come and enjoy the "Acen Special" Promo Show? Lots of first time plays and some really exclusive stuff...

And thats all for this blog! See you Wednesday for the super exciting Knite Club reveal. Oooh...I have so much to say about that!!!

Nice one,


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You should consider selling the complete USB separately as well. Personally I'm not that interested in these releases as have originals or not interested in the new music BUT would still like to support the label and artist. Just my thoughts.

Commented 10th July 2023 06:28

We will have the USB for sale on its own if we have leftovers. It is very hard to judge what to order for things like this, so I kinda play it by ear :)

Replied 10th July 2023 07:06


Acen all day long!

Commented 11th July 2023 09:07


Looks good, missing the Sequel mix on vinyl though :(

Commented 11th July 2023 09:27


I remember waaay back on alt.rave or #rave on IRC, there was a copy of 116.7 floating about. It took me all night with my old modem to download the 2MB file. Looking forward to the show!

Commented 11th July 2023 11:55


Like duncand wrote, I would also love to purchase the Acen USB with everything on its own.

Commented 11th July 2023 02:58


Acen boxset looks amazing :)

Commented 11th July 2023 09:51


Acen boxset looks amazing :)

Commented 11th July 2023 09:51


Dilemma - I love the artwork on the Monolith boxset, and like the idea of the separate Unreleased/Secret 12"s. But, I'd also like The Complete Works with all the stuff (not too fussed about the aardvark though!). What to do?

Commented 11th July 2023 10:00


I would love to buy disc one separately. The amen breaks Vitamin E version is a record Iā€™m missing.

Commented 12th July 2023 12:35


AARDVARK for me thanks. :)

Commented 12th July 2023 04:11


As mentioned just now on Acen lol I literally just brought every up coming release colored and others , own the originals i brought back in the day and NOW I need this in my life to complete me again šŸ’•šŸ’–šŸ”

Commented 13th July 2023 06:59


I will bag this box for sure šŸ˜ an USB with the complete work of ACEN ohhh my god. I'm so excited with all the incoming releases and KC2! Big Ups Kniteforce !!!

Commented 14th July 2023 07:35