Right, lets get us all up to date, eh?

Hello Everyone

Okay, so after some radio silence, I am writing this to bring you all up to date. Well, as up to date as possible, things do change sometimes. So lets begin at the beginning.

01. DAR028 - Baby D - Let me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & Dj Hybrid) UPDATE

Humble apologies for the delay on this, and the subsequent delays for anyone who ordered other vinyl at the same time and is waiting for them all. It is very, very annoying for you guys, and also for us. We HATE having orders just..waiting. We want you to have them as much as you want to get them, I assure you.
The issue here is the pressing plant. They have been very good for us for the last few years, and always been close to being on time. The huge delay right now is due to the fact that all the major labels ceased production in March when Covid landed. In August, they all started again, including their large backlog of, I don’t know, Bryan Adams vinyl? Represses of Abba? I dont even care what they do, but it has had the knock on effect for all the small labels in that the pressing plants are overwhelmed, most are working 24/7 and are STILL 3-5 weeks late on everything.
I have hassled the pressing plant numerous times, and its basically a case now of just having to wait until they get here. So yeah, apologies.


Now look, considering the above, why would we put up new releases? Well, actually it is BECAUSE of the delays in the pressing plants. All our October releases have been delayed. Here is what was meant to happen:

Mid October: KHECT02, 03, LAZ01 and REC27
End October: KF122, KF128 and BREED031
Mid November: Acen Box Set Pre Sale

Here is what is now scheduled to happen:


This is not gonna work for you guys or for us. Thats WAY too much vinyl for the most of us to handle in one shot. All we can do is try and spread the costs and manage them the best we can. 

So we are putting the new Hectics, Lazarus and Remix releases up on the 2nd of November to spread them out and hoping they will land on time. As a sweetner, we are gonna throw in the amazing new KFA107 Dj Deluxe EP for FREE with the bundle:

As for the rest, we will just…store…KF122, 128 and BREED31 until later in November. We don’t really have much of a choice, honestly. So it goes sometimes! Still, the thing I want you to take away from this is HOLY SHIT HECTIC REPRESSES and LOADS OF EXCITING VINYL IS COMING!!!


Because of the delays, we have reserved a pressing time for the box set, and we are pretty sure this means it will be with us, and with you, before Xmas, as promised.
The box set is officially 5 vinyl, with a 6th bonus coloured vinyl. Why a bonus vinyl? Because it has the much sought after dubplate mix of Trip To The Moon 2 and the equally wanted Omar Santana Remix (otherwise known as Part 4) on it. When we were putting together this project, neither of those tracks were certainties. This 6 vinyl version will only be available to those who by in the presale and only from the kniteforce store! As will the exclusive slipmat and CD of extra mixes…
We are releasing more and more info on the Box set over the next few weeks. More videos. More details on who remixed what. Very exciting…

We have a full range of merchandise about to launch, with slipmats for KF, RR, Hectic and JAL, as well as record bags, T-shirts, face masks, mugs, condoms* etc. The difficulty with merchandise is that each item is a different size and weight and therefore requires different packaging. With vinyl, one record can pretty much go with another. With merchandise, packing a tshirt, mug and record poses a considerable problem.
To deal with this, we have to build a system in the back of our website. This is being done, hopefully in time for the 2nd of November new releases, but definitely in time for the Acen Box Set as we hope to have Acen T shirts, hoodies and slipmats as well…


*not doing condoms. That was a joke.

We have added / are adding 9 or 10 new releases to the store from our dear friends at Liftin and Music Preservation. You can grab em now or with your next purchases. We are stocking them because they are our friends, and because we have a nice system to get records to the USA without the horrendous postage costs. When we take on records this way, the prices and what digital content is available is set by the labels, not by Kniteforce, which is why some are different to usual! But we are thrilled to have these awesome labels on the KF store!


You know what? I am not even gonna go into this right now lol. Lets just say, there is a lot. So much. And it is jaw dropping. honestly, I have never seen the scene like this. Never. Never seen so much good music from so many esteemed and talented artists, both old and new. Not since the earliest days anyway. So I will update the Ticker, and you can make of that what you will!

And thats it for now…

Nice one,


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Brilliant mate! Thanks for the update :)

Commented 23rd October 2020 03:48


Just Awesome ?❤

Commented 23rd October 2020 04:57


Can’t wait ?

Commented 23rd October 2020 05:51


Is KFA107 still going to be available for sale by itself of is only part of the bundle now?

Commented 23rd October 2020 07:19


There's some great stuff on the horizon

Commented 23rd October 2020 07:27


Dj10, there will be some for sale on their own as well :)

Commented 24th October 2020 12:03


you're not going to believe this but i missed out on the Economix and the In Perfection records because of the (not)condom endnote. when i saw this earlier, I only read up to the asterisk "not doing condoms" and my brain registered footnote or end note clarification point and i stopped reading. then joel said something about calvin harris being on kniteforce so i came here to double check and then heartbreak*. turns out joking or note joking about prophylactics is never funny. lesson learned. * heartbreak occurred due to sold out records, not the lack of calvin harris

Commented 24th October 2020 02:29


Holy sh*t, that's really exciting ?? i hope i have enough on the bank account to grab what i want to have.

Commented 24th October 2020 05:39


Nice one!

Commented 26th October 2020 01:35


Hectic & Acen... incredible times

Commented 31st October 2020 01:44