Not Xmas, Not New year, Info dump lol

Hello everyone,

I wrote this as an email, and it sort of turned into a blog, so I am posting it here too...

I wanted to bring you up to date on all the current things!

KF192/KF193 House Crew Box Set: We are packing and sending the orders on this as fast as we can. I hope to have the vast majority of these out by the end of the week!

REC35 Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set: We have 35 copies left at the time of writing, so I am certain this will sell out. So I am going to wait until the J&C set has sold out, then Cindy and I will do a random number generator thing for the winner of the 10 Vinyl Luna-C Fractured Box Set. Once that is done, we will pack and send this one, along with the Ramos and Renegade Bob Ross EPs.
Unlike other box sets, we do not have a 5 vinyl version of "In Effect" to release after this 7 vinyl version is all gone. It is possible we will reorder on the 5 vinyl version sometime in the new year, but for now, these 35 copies left are it.

Immediate future: A number of you have emailed to ask about the Moondance Box Set, the Force & Evolution Box Set, and of course, The Acen Trip To The Moon Dubplate Mixes. I am happy to report that ALL are on their way. As you have no doubt noticed, my new pressing planty is pretty swift once the orders are in. The new pattern seems to be that once I confirm the artwork, its about 4-6 weeks before the final release arrives.
Moondance, Force & Evo, and Acen, had the artwork confirmed mid December. And January is usually quite a quiet month. So I full expect all of those ones to arrive pretty Or at least well before the end of January.

And no one will be happier than me about that, believe me. Once those have arrived, we will pack and send as fast as we can to all who preordered, and we will finally be able to clear all the older orders. My store, for the first time in nearly two years - will not have a ton of unfulfilled orders and we wont have any customers anxiously waiting for records to arrive. I cant wait for that to be the case!!!

Other than that, we are expecting the Symphony Sounds vinyl to arrive in January - Pennywise, Pennywise Remixes and Structual Damage - plus also new EPs on KF Prime and a surprise release too. We have set out a schedule of releases from now until April based aroung EVERYTHING that has been moved from MPO to the new pressing plant. We are trying to pace it so the releases are varied and interesting and not overwhelming. So alongside the Symphony Sounds and KF Primes, we will also have a KF release or two and new EPs on Out of Romford.

In February, we will recieved the Nookie Box Set and new music from The Criminal Minds and Bay B Kane and Sunny & Deck Hussy etc...It should be a really exciting start to the new year. Actually, i think 2023 is going to be epic in many ways.

We spend 2022 dealing with major issues with our digital distribution - more on that soon, but the bottom line is we moved companies from a terrible one to a good one, and we are massively expanding that side of the business.

We are also streamlinging the KF store with most releases being exclusive to it, and have partnered with Unearthed distribution for forthcoming bigger releases that require more than we can do directly, such as the Shades of Rhythm and House Crew Box Sets.

We have a number of new deals in place for new material, and expect to be cutting incredible releases from Secret Squirrel, Ron Wells, Hyper-On Experience, The Criminal Minds, NRG, Acen, Isotonik, Jimmy J, Nookie, Bay B Kane, Liquid, Sunshine Productions, Ray Keith, and many others. We are working more closely with labels such as Karma and Time Tunnel and Good 2 Go, and will be doing a follow up to the already successful Jay Cunning USB, not to mention Knite Club 2 is on the horizon....

All in all, 2023 is going to be amazing I think. So big ups to all of you, and thank you so much for the support and patience in 2022. Haha...this was meant to be a little email and truned into a blog post. So I will add it to the site as well now...

Nice one,


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Is there already a date for Knite Club 2? Just zo get my self prepared with planned vacation and travel ID. Big ups Chris and his awesome Crew 👍✊

Commented 28th December 2022 11:59

It will be after summer - so sometime between September and the end of the year. I’m working on dates with my Scala contact and will be announcing as soon as we’ve hammered down a date!

Replied 28th December 2022 12:42


Have a Happy New Year to you Chris and the family and thank you for all the great tunes for this year and hopefully many more for next year.

Commented 28th December 2022 07:32


I need more time off work to spin everything I think. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you guys at KF put in. I hope 2023 is better for you guys than the last 2 years have been.

Commented 29th December 2022 09:43


Will 2023 bring a restock of kniteforce footy tops, missed them when they were around before, so hoping there will be some new ones soon?!

Commented 30th December 2022 08:19


who is knuckles? can't get enough of there stuff absolute class

Commented 16th January 2023 09:15