Nookie and Pennywise order updates, plus whats next...

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this blog on  Saturday morning because I think this coming week is going to be ludicrous, and time is going to be short! Why is it going to be short? Well....This week we are expecting a delivery of about 10,000 records. And many of those records will be getting packed and sent the moment they land.

So we are expecting to pack and send out:

KF200 / KF201 - Nookie - The Rest is History Box Set

KF197 - Neuromancer - Pennywise

KF198 - Neuromancer - Penywise Remixes

KF199 - Structural Damage - Really Livin

But at the same time, we are expecting these to be delivered:

KF151 - Various Artists - Remixes 18

KF158 - Dj Stephano - Proxima Centuri EP

KF168 - Abyss - The South Central EP

KF177 - NRG - I Like It EP

KFA119 - Dj Stephano - Liquid Nights EP

MALICE11 - Empyreal - Empyromanical EP

Which is...quite a lot of vinyl. 

Because of the bank holiday on Monday, our plan right now is to start packing as many of the Nookie Box Sets as we can on Tuesday, and get them sent out on Wednesday and Thursday. As we do that, we will also start packing the Symphony Sounds releases, and hopefully get those out on Thursday and Friday. Its going to be a little chaotic, but we have everything we need here, so with any luck, all will be well.

As for the new releases, I am not sure when they will go out, maybe May 4th, but more likely, May 11th, but we wont put all of them out at once. Likely we will do some sort of KF bundle, we will see. But its all very exciting stuff!

While you are here, I wanted to say congratualtions to a couple of winners! Winners? Yes indeed!  Firstly, someone found the April GOLDEN TICKET! So big up to Micheal Hoare, who claimed his £100 prize by getting the Nookie Box Set and an extra record on top:

We will put the next Golden ticket in with one of the Pennywise orders!

Also congratulations to Kevin Crowle, who got his entire order for free as he was our 30,000th order.

Thirty. Thousand. Orders.

I mean, sure, a small number of orders don't go through for various reasons - but still, that is a ridiculous number of orders. Who would have thought it? Certainly not me!

So a huge thank you to everyone for the continued support, because we would never have go to here without you.

Now...the last few things to mention with this blog. I am about to do the first announcements of artists playing at Knite Club on the 9th of September, and then I will be setting the timer until the end of the first early bird if you are planning on coming to one of the best events 2023 will have, now is the time to get your tickets before the price goes up...


We have a line up that is almost all huge names and unseen acts, and people who are, and always have been, serious quality on the decks. We have surprises and plans that will leave you speechless. I know a lot of raves say that sort of thing, but I can say with total confidence that NO other rave this year has a line up like Get in!

So thats it for my blog today. Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you next week!

Nice one,


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Can't wait for delivery or the new releases to come out. Congrats to the winners!

Commented 29th April 2023 08:02

Mee too! Well exciting!

Replied 29th April 2023 10:12


Fantastic to know about your success! That's a lot of vinyl flying out the door!

Commented 29th April 2023 09:05

Its a bit crazy, yeah. When I was told all of that was coming i did think "huh...I might have gone too far" lol

Replied 29th April 2023 10:12


Thanks Chris I never win anything

Commented 29th April 2023 09:51 | Updated 29th April 2023 09:51

Im the same way, so maybe its my turn to win something? :)

Replied 29th April 2023 10:13


Replied 29th April 2023 09:02


Can't wait until Kniteclub. Last one was superb. Please treat yourself to a set with Jimmy J in the main room please this year. X. Also I'm calling it: Messiah!

Commented 29th April 2023 01:19 | Updated 29th April 2023 01:30


The wait is finally over. so exciting.

Commented 29th April 2023 01:21


Great stuff!

Commented 29th April 2023 01:28


Thirty Thousand Hardcore Orders!!!!!!!!!

Commented 29th April 2023 01:49


Thanks once again Chris, I couldn't believe it when I found that golden ticket!

Commented 29th April 2023 05:49


Replied 29th April 2023 09:02


Hello a few days more for Pennywise (after 30 years for me). Im so excited to get vynl & Digital, thank you all.

Commented 29th April 2023 08:28


Can't await the release of all of this items, so many excitements 😍 I'm still impressed how you get this managed Chris, my deep respect to you and your crew!

Commented 1st May 2023 08:25