NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH - Actual new releases. No, really. Not Pre Sales. New Releases.

Hello Everyone,

GOOD NEWS! After months of not much, the first few releases (that should be the start of an avalanche of vinyl) have been confirmed as on their way! They are two brand new Kniteforce White releases. And when I say brand new, I mean of course "cut in April 2021 but only arriving now" lol. Still, I have to say, these two are absolutely amazing EPs, and will likely sell out super fast as we only have the usual 250 of each pressed:

KFW13 - DS1 - The Bully Parade

And...KFW14 - Sub Fundation - Some Love To Come EP

Do I need to mention the last DS1 EP sold out in a week or so and is now changing hands for around £30? And that Sub Fundation's last EP did nearly the same and is almost as sought after? Maybe not. But I did mention it anyway lol. Both of these EPs are as good, if not better, than their predecessors, and Evento 201 is perhaps my most favourite track on KFW so far. So dont miss these. They will be on sale on the 18th of February, I would think. Im not putting ANYTHING on the store until I have actually had it delivered is all lol. But when these do come in stock, I will also be releasing a bunch of very limited Test Presses,only five of each available, including:

KFA119 - Dj Stephano, KF158 - Dj Stephano, KFW17 Dj Beeno, KFW18 Sunny & Deck Hussy, KJAL17 Wots My Code, KJAL18 Wots My Code, KOOR11New Decade, KOOR12 Flatliner, MALICE10 Macerator and INFL24 - Ray Keith Presents 21st Century Junglist Box Set.

After that, on the 23rd, we have some epic USBs coming...The pics say it all:

I am not doing these the same day as the KFW vinyl, because packing three USBs with a vinyl record is just the worst lol. There is no good way to do it, frankly, so...yeah.

Lastly, on March 3rd, we are releasing a 40 Promo copies of The Moondance Together 2022 Box Set. When this is released in full, it will be a 6 vinyl set, and there are two samplers as well. But these 40 Promo copies will combine the main 5 vinyl set, the bonus disc and the two sampler discs, so will be going as a 8 vinyl set for £100 a piece - thats actually a little cheaper than the final products will be. They come with labels, Promo sleevs and a Promo Box Set sleeve...

Here is what is on the vinyl....this is a jaw dropping line up by any measure...

So yeah, thats gonna be a big one. This box set WILL open for a presale at some point in the near future, but I expect it will be May or June. Much depends on what arrives, and when. All I know is that we have these promos, and we have 40 promo box sets of Nookie's as well, and with all that is coming in, we are going to need to get these out to you all asap. Nookie's Box Set test presses will also go for sale at some point, to be followed by a pre sale, but we may well get finished copies of either or both of these sets sooner rather than later. With this much uncertainty on delivery dates, combined with the knowledge that stuff IS going to arrive, and a lot of it, it makes sense to me to get some of these larger items in your hands as early as possible.

Last on the delivery note is the first of the Kniteforce Prime releases, by Innercore:

This EP is absolutely excellent, and the perfect start to the Prime label, which focusses on the early 1990-1991 sound, be it R&S / Frank De Wulf styled Euro or UK styled Njoi / Narra Mine / We R ie type vibes. A bit slower. With bleeps. The good stuff in other words. This first one is proper early Euro sounding, and has been pressed BUT I want to wait until KFP02 arrives before putting this up for sale. KFP02 SHOULD be here any As ever, with all current plans, it is only the plan until the plan is forced to change. Either way, this one is imminent.


I have emailed everyone who is waiting on those, but to recap: The missing Champion Sounds are expected to arrive tomorrow. I have no idea how many I will get. Hopefully "enough" to cover the missing ones.

The late Pre Sales are at the top of the priority list with the pressing plant, so we certainly are expecting Jonny L Remixes, Liquid Lethal, Rays box set and the Baraka EPs to be here in the initial deliveries. Its all gonna be a bit random - as you can see with what has already been sent - but yeah, I am hopeful we are on the last leg of the wait for these and they will be here in the next 4-8 weeks.

The House Crew 6 Vinyl box set is almost sold out - 12 left I think - and is still expected to land end of March / early April as originally stated!

Dj Solo could be any time. So still holding off on doing a pre sale on that. I probably wont do one on it, honestly. The order has been put in, so its gonna arrive, and when it does, it will likely sell out fast. But there it is...:)

And thats all of the news for today!

Love and kisses!


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Boom ??? that sounds awesome. Can't await the new vinyl releases. Big respect ?

Commented 9th February 2022 01:39


Awesome ??

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Commented 9th February 2022 02:55


Yeee and also Haww.

Commented 9th February 2022 02:57


This avalanche is going to be epic. Respect????

Commented 9th February 2022 03:10


Great work!

Commented 9th February 2022 03:46