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Whats going on this week Mr Chris?

Well, its been another busy week at KF HQ, and I am very much hoping next week will basically be sitting around eating pies, but suspect I will have actual work to do. I am not really complaining, its so brilliant at the moment with all the new music and excites! but a rest would be nice…
Anyway, lets see…first up, we have new releases and restocks and the first of our good friends to have products on the site.


New Releases:
KFW07 - InnerCore - Historic & Euphoric EP
KFW08 - Dj Beeno - Mischief EP

KF116 - Liquid Crystal - Chromatic EP Vol 1
KF99R - Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines - The Complete Bootleg Remixes
KBOOM02 - Citadel Of Kaos - Ronnies Revenge / Alpha 1
KBN06 - Tight Control - Stormtrooper EP

RRRDJ005 - Try Unity Neurons & Chemicals

A few notes on the KFWs! if you are a VIP, you get your 10% discount on anything that is NOT exclusive. So I thought its better to make the KFWs non-exclusive and available to all at first, which allows you to take advantage of that discount. When we get down to the last 50, THEN I will flip those releases to being VIP exclusive.

The represses are limited to a little under 100 of each, so get those while you can :)

And its lovely to welcome my good friends Try Unity to the website. We are going to host a bunch of stock from other labels we are friends with. This will be most useful to ur US customers, because recently the UK put the price up on UK - US postage by a quite awful amount, and of course US customers can take advantage of the lower postage costs we can provide due to having both a UK and US bases. We will be adding Liftin Spirit and Cantina Cuts and Jedi Recordings as well really soon!

Other than that, if you want to know whats being done, the Ticker has been updated! After this, I think the next releases will be the 3 new JAL remasters and Unreleased EPs and they aren’t due for a while.

The other big news, of course, is the video Acen recently put up advertising Thrilla. The observant will have stuck around to notice an advert for the forthcoming Trip too The Moon 2092. So I will take this opportunity  to confirm that YES, Kniteforce is remastering and repressing the Trip To The Moon series. We have remixes coming of those tracks and the equally famous Obsessed and Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck, by some of the biggest names in this scene and other scenes!!! We have some rare unreleased stuff, and most excitingly, Acen has returned to Trip To the Moon and Obsessed, and may well also do a Ruffneck 2092.
This is due to be a 5 vinyl box set, with an exclusive version containing an extra vinyl, all to be released later in the year. Some of the vinyl will be available as singles too. But for the rest of the details, you will have to wait, and of course, these things might change depending on what remixes arrive and how they sound - we are still putting the whole thing together in other words!

I will just add that Trip To The Moon 2092 is NOT the TOP SECRET PROJECT mentioned in the Ticker. Thats something else entirely! Something quite amazing. One of the most amazing things ever, in fact. I kid you not. But….we will talk about that another time…for now…enjoy your week!

Nice one,


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Commented 26th July 2020 08:14


a 5 Vinyl Box with Acen goodies.... WOW i hope it's not too expensive... i want that

Commented 27th July 2020 05:27


Absolutely ridiculous! ?

Commented 29th July 2020 06:28


Really looking forward to that 5 vinyl box set just hope it’s not too expensive - Great work Chris

Commented 29th July 2020 07:20 | Updated 29th July 2020 07:21


Amazing, can't wait for this. Hope the sleeves do it justice too from a collector viewpoint!!

Commented 29th July 2020 07:44


Exciting times!

Commented 29th July 2020 08:41


I really can't wait till we here more info on this Top secret project. Gonna be all over that TTTM like covid-19 :D

Commented 30th July 2020 05:30