New Release Schedule...

Hi Everyone,

So I have been banging on about all the deliveries and releases we have coming, and thought I should do a blog that gets into specifics a little bit...And this is that blog. All your questions are answered below!

But before we go any further, I want to emphasise this is very much a schedule of releases based on unreliable information lol. I mean, we have been given delivery dates for a HUGE number of releases. We have been told FOURTEEN releases are arriving at the end of March, and a week later, on the 4th of April, another FIFTY are apparently going to be delivered, and then another TWELVE in May.
We have also been told of releases in February, and to be fair, so far they have been pressed and shipped correctly, only slowed by customs shenanigans. So there is a good chance the below schedule will work out. But even then, it has HUGE gaps in it, and things may need to move around. Plus some things just arent on there because of a change in the pressing plants systems - so there is no mention of Dj Solo for example, but that was due this month and could come at any time. Take this all with a pinch of salt, is what I am saying. It is a guideline at best...

So let me break it down for you. First up, we are expecting ALL the pre-sale items to arrive by early April. That is The Baraka Bundle, The Ray Keith Box Set, The House Crew Box Set, The Liquid Lethal Bundle and the long awaited Jonny L Remixes. All of these will get absolute priority. Indeed, we are splitting the work so that Lee will be entirely focussed on those. As soon as they come in, they will be packed and shipped.

We are also waiting on the final repress of Champion Sound (Alliance Remix). Again, top priority will be getting those to the people still waiting. We did have a few arrive - just under 100 in total. I dont know why they did it that way, but what we have we have sent.

Meanwhile, I will be dealing with the new releases directly, along with my wife Cindy and The Lowercase. Between us, we are getting everything we can ready, every element in place from storage space to packaging suppplies name it. We intend to get as many of these records out to you as humanly possible and are prepared to be all hands on deck for the next 2-5 months lol.

But of course, we cannot sell all those releases at once. No one can afford it, and it would be impossible to do even if they could. And we don't know what is actually going to arrive and be sellable at any one time or on any one date. So what we have had to do is to try and spread out the biggest releases - that is the box sets - and then fill in the blanks based on what we suspect will happen. This means the only real CERTAIN release dates on this list are the two box sets - Dj Force & The Evolution and Daddy Armshouse. Because they are box sets, and more expensive, they need space between them, and because we have a rough idea of when they will come, we will put them up for sale on these dates even if they haven’t arrived just yet (unless they are obviously going to be late). As a side note, we intend to do as mentioned - cheaper price for the first week where can, and bring down box set prices a little where we can as well :)

Everything else on this list depends on the records arriving and being good to go. So anyway…this is what the roll out is looking like:

March 3rd: 
TEST PRESSES - KF230/KF231/KF232/KF233 Moondance Set (We only have about 30 of these as test presses, with labels and KF Promo sleeves! And can I add - the tracklisting on this is incredible!!! I am not sure it can get bigger than this...)


TEST PRESSES - PTDUB06 & PTDUB07 - Dj Rap - Spiritual Aura (We only have 8 of each of these, and the Blame remix is so good that it is already the stuff of legends...)

March 10th: 
Just Another Label Bundle
KJAL10 - Billy "Daniel" Bunter & JDS - Let It Lift You
KJAL11 - Just Another Artist & Sunshine Productions - Billy Bunter & J.D.S. Remixes 
KJAL12 - Justin Time & Love Nation - Remixes
KJAL13 - Billy "Daniel" Bunter - New Sensation

March 17th: 
Kniteforce Prime 
KFP01 - Innercore - Alpha Junk EP

KFP02 - Dee Sub - Codes EP


March 24th:  
KF176 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Dubplate Mixes*
* We may well put this up even if its not here yet, because its a weird one, with unusual circumstances. Those who had to wait a long time for the box set will get offered it first, and will pay postage costs only. Those who bought the Box Set but did not have to wait will be offered it at a cheaper than usual price. Customers will be contacted directly via email about this one. Whatever is left will be sold on the store at the normal price.


March 31st: 
Out of Romford:
KOOR07 - New Decade - Fourth Beginnings And KOOR08 - Various Artists - The Shakedown

March 31st: 
Remix Records:
REC29 - Stu Chapman - Rude Boy And REC33 - DJ Magical - Rush Hour

March 31st: 
Friends Of Kniteforce:
HJ001 - Haze & Spinthrift - The Hellz Yeah
KNUT01 - Nutty Trax - Nutty Trax Volume 1
LAZV002 - Dj Deluxe - Alive By Default
4TCR02 - Fibzy - The Deirdre Barlow

April 7th: Dj Force & The Evolution - The Perfect Dream Box Set (Comes with slipmatt, sticker and USB with EVERYTHING Dj Force & The Evolution on it, as well as exclusive mixes)

April 28th: Nookie Presents The Daddy Armshouse Box Set

Obviously there are so many releases missing in the above list…for a start, we have represses which will go on the store as soon as they arrive…
KJAL07 - Sunshine Productions
KF116 - Chromatic EP Vol.1
KF90 - Pete Cannon
KHECT04 - Ramos & Vinylgroover
KHECT05 - Mystic & Fire
PTDUB04 - Dj Rap
KLEG06 - Champion Sound Remixes
KOOR05 - Dj Infinity & Back 2 Basics

And then of course so many highly anticipated releases, all of which I will slot into the release schedule as and when I can, as and when they land:
KJAL04 - Sunshine Productions
KJAL06 - Justin Time
KJAL08 - Nzo & Invincible
KJAL09 - Justin Time
KF156 - Sandman
KF166 - Sandman Remixes
KF146 - Liquid Crystal Remixes Volume 2
KF203 - Dj Solo
KF204 - Dj Solo (Original Remixes)
KF205 - Dj Solo (New Remixes)
SDR04 - Dj Revive
SDR05 - Amaretto
KFP03 - Children of The Sun God
KFP04 - Rise Of Empires
KOOR09 - Flatliner
KOOR10 - Reversion
KRSR01 - Ramos & Supreme & Sunset Regime
KRSR02 - Ramos & Supreme
INFL22 - Hannibal Selector
INFL23 - Dj Sarin
K10 - Stu Keating
K15 - Eko
K18 - Future Primitive
KHECT11 - Midas
KHECT06 - Hectic Remixes
KHECT07 - Druid & Vinyl Groover
KHECT08 - Sy & Unknown
PTDUB06 - Dj Rap
PTDUB07 - Dj Rap
KFW15 - The Pulse
KFW16 - Hannibal Selector
NTN01 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t
NTN02 - Dj Stephano

All of the above will come in when it does, and be moved to wherever suits. I like to keep things together where I can. So all the Hectics will go up the same day, likewise all the KJALs and etc. And i will spread things out as best i can over the next 2-5 months. But this blog is more to serve as a general idea of what is coming, and to keep you on your toes lol. The only truly reliable things are the March 3rd release date, and the two Box Sets in April. The KJAL bundle on the 10th of march is also very likely. All the rest are probable, but you know, anything could happen...

Lastly, yes, we are still planning to add the layaway option. We are hoping to test that this week (offline) and assuming it works, bring it in AFTER the March 3rd tps are sold.

Nice one,



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Thanks as always for keeping us well informed it's appreciated

Commented 28th February 2022 01:32


Sounds insane, when do you sleep? Well this means, safe money for vinyl. That list is awesome, so many releases i'm waiting for. Big ups Chtis and your Crew!

Commented 28th February 2022 01:39


Thanks for the updates appreciated

Commented 28th February 2022 02:11


Hi Chris it looks like I am going to have to do a bit of overtime this month and the next. There is no mention of the new KFW releases. Thanks Steve G.

Commented 28th February 2022 02:16

Crap...I missed those off. Will add them now.

Replied 28th February 2022 02:42


Sorry I have just noticed KFW15 and 16 it's to early in the day for me. Cheers Steve G.

Commented 28th February 2022 03:02

No, I added them after seeing your comment! I missed them out.

Replied 28th February 2022 04:54


Hi Chris I have managed to get all of them in the last couple of months (KFW) I had to buy 5 from Germany but I have them now. I have really started collecting the hardcore vinyl recently I have always steered away from it and stuck with the drum and bass and jungle since before time. I Have seen the light !!!

Commented 28th February 2022 05:57


Lots of stuff to look out to! I saw some KBOOM test presses lately, are those releases expected in the coming months as well?

Commented 28th February 2022 07:32

They will be later in the year, likely June or July!

Replied 1st March 2022 07:24


Thank you mate!

Commented 1st March 2022 02:03