Mondays Child is full of News!

Hello Everyone!

Hooray, it's a new blog. So lets start with KF159 Ray Keith, KF186-190 Dj Force & The Evolution, and KF230 Moondance box sets, and say a hearty "oh good, those have all finally arrived and been sent out, and I no longer have to start any blogs with an update on those".
PHEW lol.
I have no words to express how relieved I am that those are all sorted. Nearly two years of "orders on my store that I cannot send" is, finally, at an end. Brilliant! And instead of asking you for a little more patience, I can instead thank you from the depths of my heart for the patience you all showed. It was a nightmare, but you guys were almost all universally understanding and cool about it. So huge, HUGE thank you for that!

Lets never do it again...

Except for these two...but both are expected imminently, so....

REC35 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set


And of course...

KF200 - Nookie Box Set

Nookie is expected by the end of this month. REC35 I have been told will be here tomorrow.

We have new releases on Thursday, which will include the fantastic repress on Boombastic Plastic of Citadel of Kaos Part 5:

As well as a few amazing digital releases! A brand new CD from Ben Venom on KFA:

And KFZ23 - Kniteforce Radio All Stars Volume 4 USB

There is a very high chance that we will have other vinyl landing to go with these goodies. We have already had KFW19 arrive, and we are expecting KFW20 to land, and likewise we are also expecting INFL26 to land any day, so if those come in time, we will add them to Thursdays releases....

So thats the immediate future. But really, this blog is more to let you know what is expected in the next 4-10 weeks!

Firstly, I am being asked regularly about the three Symphony Sounds EPs:

I am expecting these any day, but I will be chasing them later today.

Other than that, here is a list in picture form of all the things that were ordered in the last few months and that should start arriving in a steady stream. I am not sure what will arrive when, but....yeah. Soon....

And let's end the blog with info about the site. We are steadily doing updates to the site with an aim to improved it in every way, and then to expand it further. We might start to stock some more d'n'b for example. And we have updated the front page to make it simpler and more condensed and easier to navigate.
We also expect the long delayed layaway option to be testing soon, and as soon as it is ready, we will let you know!

And thats about it for right now!

Big ups, and outta here...


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Great work as alway!

Commented 17th April 2023 03:31


Whoop yeah, you are great. Waiting isn't hard if you are informed why it takes that long. You did a great job and you will always do. There are some big releases incoming. Big ups!

Commented 17th April 2023 05:39


Top update yet again, I’m not one for the socials and don’t post things in general but you have a great label releasing quality tracks old and new, keep up the good work, totally trust in everything you are doing, spend spend spend lol.

Commented 17th April 2023 07:59


KFW19 & KFW20 before KFW17 & KFW18 arrrghhh my OCD!

Commented 20th April 2023 09:52


Wiiiicked shtuff!!!

Commented 28th April 2023 02:59


Hello A few more days for Pennywise (30 years + for me) im so excited to finally Have Vynl & Digitals thank you all.

Commented 29th April 2023 08:24