Loads of News in small (ish) chunks! Please read!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely New Year? I did, it was nice to spend Xmas and New Year with my family, something I haven’t done for over a decade what with being in the USA and etc etc.

Anyway, this blog is full of short bursts of news about upcoming things, so let’s jump right in!

1. Price Changes
We all know, whenever you read “price changes” what it really means is “price increases”…but not in this case.
We have numerous plans for music this year, but one thing I am going to try and do is bring prices down. This will be a little bit difficult to navigate, as in general, prices have gone up on every aspect of vinyl production - the actual records, the cut, the card for sleeves, you name it. But there are some places I can cut costs, or at least not raise them. For example, with box sets.
6 Vinyl Extended Box Sets have been previously sold at £87 plus VAT, and 5 Vinyls at £75 plus VAT. I can bring those down to £80 and £70 respectively, so I have already done so with the 5 vinyl NRG Box Set.
The 6 Vinyl Extended House Crew Box Set pre sale has been at a lower “early bird” price since debuting on the store. It was due to go up to £87 plus VAT, but I have only put it up to £80 plus VAT in line with the new price change.
Speaking of that, we have under 60 left at this time. Once they are gone, it will only be the 5 vinyl set available, and we won’t have that many of those either, so you might want grab that now if you have not already:

The House Crew - Ozomatlis Return Part 1 Box Set (Extended Edition)

And the Ray Keith set is quite limited and starting to run a little low as well:

Ray Keith - The Golden Years (Back to '94)

For 12” records in general, the price will likely stay the same. But as we have seem amazing results from our cunning “first week lower prices” scheme, we are going to try that more often too. So for the first week of release, the vinyl will be cheaper where possible.
Lastly, we have a few plans for very limited releases (99 copies only). Like the test presses, these will be more expensive, and likely these will also only be available to VIP members. And like test presses, they cost more to produce so the price is less flexible.
There will always be things I cannot lower prices on - some releases cost more to put out due to remix fees, advances and the like. But in general, where we can, we will either discount or keep the same despite the price increses with production.

2. Pre Sales in Stock Records
After much delay, we are finally going to start going through pre sale orders this week and sending people any of the records that we have in stock. In other words, if you ordered something on pre sale, and in the same order you paid for something we do have in stock, we will be sending you what we do have. You will not be asked for the extra postage on this, we are doing it because of the pre-sale delays and to get the music to you.

3. KLEG06 Q-Project Missing Records
I was told these were on their way, and after checking, I have been told these are on their way lol. Ridiculous. But hopefully they are actually on their way and will be with me this week.

4. Record Fair
We are going to be participating in the Black Gold Vinyl Fair at Lost Horizons HQ. We will have a huge selection of vinyl, so come and meet and chat and buy vinyl from us and others!

Black Gold Record Fair

5. Upcoming Music
There is, as you know, loads of it. I am waiting on a schedule from the pressing plant. Fingers crossed we start getting things soon. I would expect the pre sale releases, and the 10” release to land first. This means we should be getting the next four KJAL eps, and the Dj Solo releases as well.
Once I have a bit more info, I will open the pre sales on Dj Solo, The Moondance Box Set and the Nookie Box Set. With the latter two box sets, we have some test press sets to sell, and then that will likely flip to a pre sale. But I am holding them all back as much as possible, because I really don’t like doing pre sales, we have too many orders waiting to be shipped already, and without firm release dates, its just irritating for everyone - you and us. But we may need to do it. We will see…hopefully the records will start pouring in and it will become less of a concern.

6. Knite Club
We aren’t talking about that yet!

7. Kniteforce Radio
We are about to massively revamp the radio interface and in promotion and content. We are looking for new DJs - please contact The Lowercase for more info on that:

The Lowercase

and we are going to be doing weekly competitions where you can win £50 cash, test presses, records and USBs from the store and exclusive merchandise. I will be emailing those of you who are on the mailing list once each week just before whichever show has the competition going on, so you can tune in and win. Or you know, tune in and be puzzled by the insanity of the Kniteforce Radio chat. Don’t worry if you have no idea what is going on. I rarely do either! But we play a huge range of awesome music, so you might wanna check it out anyway!

Kniteforce Radio

8. Project Updates
We are close to completion on a Shades of Rhythm box set, the second Acen box set, the second The House Crew box set, and a Jimmy J & Cru-l-t box set. We have an exclusive Ray Keith set coming on Influential, and numerous very exciting releases from the Criminal Minds and Isotonik and Ramos and Jon Doe and Sunshine Productions and Dj Rap and Bay B Kane and many, many others all rolling in for 2022…I even have a little Luna-C Project I have been working on. All in all, 2022 is shaping up to be epic, so thank you for continuing on with us and we muddle and bounce our way through the year! Once the 18 weeks of January finally end (I hate January, it goes on and on and on and on and on…) things should really start to pick up.

And that’s about it! Love you all, you weirdos!

Nice one,


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Nice1 Chris wishing U all a very happy new year

Commented 9th January 2022 08:59


i'll have more boxsets than Netflix at this rate, top work and keep them coming

Commented 9th January 2022 09:09


Blimey, what an update. So many tunes to look forward to. But, as per Larry David's rule, I can't wish you a happy new year after the 7th ?

Commented 9th January 2022 09:53


Happy new year from me as well :-). Is there any news about Baraka by the way?

Commented 9th January 2022 09:53

I hope to have info on all the pre sales soon. But its like pulling teeth. I am hoping now that Xmas is over, they will get their act together and give us a better idea of what is coming. As soon as I know anything, I will let you know!

Replied 9th January 2022 12:11


Your a gent Chris 6. Whats this then?

Commented 9th January 2022 10:00 | Updated 9th January 2022 10:01

The first rule of Knite Club, is you cant talk about Knite Club. Yet lol.

Replied 9th January 2022 12:12


Happy new year Chris! Any news on the Force & Evolution boxset by the way?

Commented 9th January 2022 10:01

Still expected in March. But I am hoping for more news soon.

Replied 9th January 2022 12:12


Wow, big news as always. I hope January will justvstay with four weeks instead of 18 weeks lol. Can't await the next releases to get ;) .... And a happy new year to you and the crew

Commented 9th January 2022 10:36


So much excitement!! Keep em coming!!

Commented 9th January 2022 11:05


The club sounds super interesting, I wonder if that's similar to vip. Prizes are also of interest. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I might see a few rarities eventually in my lifetime. Wish I had been on the kniteforce train back in the day, not sure how I missed the label.

Commented 9th January 2022 11:56


Happy New Year, simply the best in the business, let's hope for another cracking year of tunes.

Commented 9th January 2022 01:56


When's the Force & Evolution boxset due?

Commented 9th January 2022 02:32

March, we hope!

Replied 9th January 2022 02:43


Happy new year Chris and to all at Kniteforce, nice blog man very informative (as always) sorry I haven't been buying as much as I used to! money has been a bit tight for a while, gonna try and keep my eye out for the new KFW releases though, especially for one of my favourite dudes The pulse aka Deadly Nightshade! : )

Commented 9th January 2022 02:58


Happy new year and well done for a successful 2021 and what looks to be an amazing 2022!

Commented 9th January 2022 03:17


Lol weirdos haha, thanks Chris

Commented 9th January 2022 06:49


Lots to look forward to here Chris. One question if I may - did I miss the blame remix of spiritual aura? I'm sure I heard it back in July of last year but not seen anything about it since? Thanks.

Commented 9th January 2022 07:54

You didnt - we are waiting on the vinyl for that. It was played a little earlier than it should have been is all, but it is 100% coming!

Replied 11th January 2022 07:48


Exciting times buddy, more releases than ever….vinyl is the future

Commented 10th January 2022 09:03


I was just about to get myself together and go up and catch a bus to Bristol and spend a bit of time at the awesome sounding record fair at Lost Horizon, It would have been great, I was really looking forward to finding the Kniteforce stall and having a chat and spending too much on more vinyl! Then I got a message from my boss, who has just informed me that my workmate has just tested positive for Covid, so now I'm going to have to get a testing kit from somewhere and make sure I haven't got it, although my throat does feel a bit funny this morning! ??? fucking typical!!!!

Commented 29th January 2022 08:11