Labello Blanco and Symphony Sounds....And A remix competiton (coming soon)

Hello Everyone,

Wow things move fast! I mean, not turtles, for example, but certainly fighter jets. And sometimes, record deals.

I am of course referring to the recently signed deal for the repressing and new remixes from one of the most incredible and legendary labels the old school ever saw - the one and only Labello Blanco. This one kinda happened because of another incredible, but still secret deal I have with a proper old skool legend, so its all a bit amazing really!

So yeah, basically, Kniteforce and Labello have teamed up for a run of direct represses of some truly classic releases, including Macka Brown's Dubplate Style and Go Down Baby, Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes, Prizna - Fire, and many more. The deal also covers a few releases from Urban Gorilla, and allows for a few new remixes to be made alongside the remastered represses, and the release of some rediscovered tracks that never saw the light of day back then, and finally, the repressing of some rare and long sought after EPs.

And even more exciting, we are going to do a remix competition for a Labello track. We havent done one of those for a while, but stay tuned to the blog and once we have the right tune and sample pack together, we will do that with the prize being a vinyl release! Whoop!

All in all, this is a pretty exciting deal, and we are starting work immediately with the first few repress EPs going to cut in the very near future.

So thats is exciting.

And that is not all.

I recently made a Facebook post concerning the much sought after PA mix of Pennywise. We have managed to restore a version of it to the point where it sounds excellent, and once that was sorted, a deal was signed for the repress of the PA Mix and Clown mix of Pennywise, Suspension of Disbelief / Mystery, and the Rude Boy Project  / Rood Project EP. That means the only missing one from the Symphony back catalogue is the Freddy Fudpukker EP - which is of course Nookie / Cloud 9. And no worries there, as that should appear on the upcoming Cloud 9 box set. That will of course be Part Two of the "The Rest Is History" series....more on that in the coming months, but for now...

What else can I tell you? We have some exciting new old material from Mark Archer under his Dj Nex name...Jimmy J has three EPs on the way, dubplate specials...Acens Monolith Box Set is around the corner...not to mention some incredible surprise reveals for both Knite Club and the label in due course.

Meanwhile, the Isotonik Box Set is apparently arriving the end of this week, so we will be sending that out lickety split too...

Im exhausted just writing it i will have a little rest and tell you more as soon as I have got my breath back haha! And I will leave you with the schedule of releases at this time (keeping in mind that records are arriving weekly alost, so this will update and change as more music gets here):

June 29th
KF171 - Acen - Champion
KF135-140 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Repress (Coloured vinyl, limited edition)
KF113 - Acen - Play 2092
KF126 - Acen - Thrilla

July 6th
KOOR11 - New Decade - Remixes
KOOR12 - Flatliner - Vanilla Skies
KF169 - Secret Squirrel - Wickford Badboy
KF244 - Isotonik - Different Strokes

KF170 - Acen - Monolith Box Set Pre Sale
KF228 - Acen - Unreleased / Rare Vol. 1
KF229 - Acen - unreleased / Rare Vol. 2
KF239 - Acen - SECRET
KOOR13 - New Decade - Another World
KOOR14 - Vivid Dreams & Dj Infinity - Horizon

Nice one,


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Just wow, my bank account is exhausted too, but hey, someone has to support this insane wicked label called Kniteforce! Big ups Chris and take care of yourself and your big family!

Commented 26th June 2023 03:59


U are rapping my bank account 😂 big ups the rest is history part two I’m on that one for shore

Commented 27th June 2023 07:25 | Updated 27th June 2023 07:27


Maaate this is just immense. Thanks for the work you put in! Cant wait.

Commented 29th June 2023 06:08


I am literally speechless!!! A cloud 9 box set with potential remixes of “got me burning”? That I can’t wait to see and one tune I’m dying for a repress of which I kinda hoped would have been on the shades Eden box set was ray Keith’s remix of sweet sensation but wasn’t :(

Commented 29th June 2023 06:09


If only Leroy Small could get onboard with remastering & re-releasing the legacy Formation Records / F-Project 12”s. In the meantime I’m painstakingly trying to do it myself - getting bored with fixing pops & clicks in my vinyl rips 😂. Still, saves me cash for the Acen Monolith & rare releases!

Commented 29th June 2023 07:35


Big Up -Digi Mon

Commented 30th June 2023 01:53 | Updated 30th June 2023 01:53


Well chuffed to grab those 3 Trip ii the moon represses. I was late to the party on the boxset. Monolith will be an instabuy.

Commented 4th July 2023 01:36


That Pennywise 12” couldn’t arrive sooner! I’ve borrowed a stack of vinyl from a friend, cleaned it all and now trying to rip & de-pop/click the best tracks. His copy of Pennywise looks & sounds like it had been kicked round a carpark sometime in 1993. Can’t wait to hear a lovely pristine re-release!

Commented 17th July 2023 04:13