Kniteforce Distribution / Kniteforce Store updates

Hello Everyone!

Just another little blog to update you on some things you might find interesting! Lets start with Kniteforce Distribution!

We have already started shipping stock to stores, and more and more labels are joining us as we get up and running. Having said that, is it our intention to keep the distribution small and focussed, aiming to work hard for our scene specifically.

Most distributors have to sell every style to survive because the margins are thin. But Kniteforce is a record label primarily, and we were already going to be doing our own distribution anyway, so for us, to sell our friends music alongside our own ours is not only a pleasure, but good business for everyone.

We do not have the same pressure as a usual distributor, so we do not have to behave that way. We can work really hard for a few labels we like and believe in, giving them the time and care they deserve, rather than having to sell as much of everything as possible. So thats what we intend to do.

With that in mind, here is our labels list (in alphabetical order), and while we will no doubt take on a few more in the future, we are going to be pretty focussed on these ones for now and for the coming months ahead rather than gathering ever more to the service:

Core Breakz
Concrete Castle Dubs
Cantina Cuts
Deep Jungle
Phoenix Breaks
Paranoid Recordings
Second To None (Dj Junk)
Straight Up Break Beat
Time Tunnel

We are also in negotiations with AKO Beats and 3rd Party. Other than that, there are the Kniteforce labels, and the labels Kniteforce manages to one degree or another (in "the best order I remembered them in order" lol) of course:

Kniteforce Records
Remix Records
KFA Records
Malice Records
Kniteforce Prime
Influential Records
Just Another Label
Second Drop Recordings 
Out Of Romford
Hectic Records 
Bad Onion
Bear Necessities 
Boogie Beat
Boombastic Plastic
K Records
Hella Jungle
Legendary Cuts
Nutty Trax
Propa Talent
RSR Recordings
Labello Blanco
Ruff Guidance
Omni Music
InnerCore Project

if you are a store or label and need to get in contact with us, please click here:

Kniteforce Distribution

How does this effect the Kniteforce Store? Well, mostly it means we will have a wider range of stock on the store. We already added a load of Bluskinbadger EPs. Tonight we are restocking the Paranoid Recordings that all sold out, and adding all the available Spandangle, Dissymetrical, and Time Tunnel releases.

Next week we will be adding more from Dj Junk, Good 2 Go and others...

In the weeks after you will see the Deep Jungle back catalogue and others too...

All of that, alongside new releases from those labels as they become available to the distribution stores.

We will keep the Sunday release dates for new music from other labels being added to our store, but we will NOT be favouring the Kniteforce Store with early releases from our distribution labels.
That would be poor form.
But we will have a much wider range of music available from all of those labels, which I think we can all agree is pretty awesome!

Basically, each week in the store will see a LOT of additions. Particularly for the next month or so.

Persoanlly, I am thrilled about this. Nothing could make me happier than to be working with these labels in this capacity. It will not be hard for me to be pushing and promoting Deep Jungle and Blueskinbadger and Dj Junk and labels of this standard, because this is music I love and support anyway.

So yeah, big ups to all the labels who are showing their faith in us, hello to all the stores we are talking to, and thank you all...this is gonna be amazing!!!

Nice one,


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Thank you for the update and all your hard work 🙏..... for me its like buying memories that im getting to share with my son whom loves them as much as I do , for years I've been trying to track down a trusted seller like kniteforce revolution. Keep up the great work and big up your self's. Gav 😁 ✨️

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