Important Information Dump - But shortest blog in ages all the same!

Hello Everyone,

I emailed those of you awaiting the Trip To The Moon represses yesterday saying I was chasing information. I now have information, but as there were other things to say, I thought I better say them to everyone :)

So firstly, Trip To The Moon represses. The factory has some sort of issue which pushed everything back a week, but I am assured they will ship next week. As soon as they land, we will pack em and send em!

But as a general note, we only pressed 300 of each of these, and some of them are down to their last 90 or so. So if you were planning on picking those up, probably now is the best time to do that!

Next, Isotonik Extended Box Set: Once again, we are going to be shipping late next week as that s when the slipmats should finally arrive. I cannot believe the whole thing has been delayed by sodding slipmats lol, but there it is. Despite improvements, it remeains a very weird world we live in now.

I have been told KFW17 - Dj Beeno, and KFW18 - Sunny & Deck Hussy will be arriving next week alongside the Trip T The Moon represses.

Likewise, the long delayed Alex Jungle - Lonely Star three set will be coming.

Today, we are expecting delivery of KF243 - Fast Floor.

And we recieved KF178 - Phuture Assassins last week.

And of course, we have the Acen Pre Sale at the end of the month....all of this while we are working on the distribution set up, which is going really well but is a lot of work, as you can imagine.

So please be a little bit patient with us. Scheduling is gpoing to be very tricky for the next few weeks. I will, as always try and space things out as best I can! But getting all the Trip To The Moons and the Isotonik Box Set to ship in the same week is going to be a little tricky. Especially when you add that its the summer holidays so we will have sprog 1 and 2 to contend with lol.

Big ups to all of you for the support. Gonna post this on Facebook as well just so people get the info, and add a random forthcoming image as well...

Nice one,


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Nice one for update Chris As long as they arrive it’s all good with me, looking forward to the next shedload of releases, you’ll be able to come up for air eventually bud.

Commented 18th July 2023 04:30