Friday Info Drop, including Isotonik, Acen and much, much more...

Hi There Guys,

It's been a little while, did you miss me? You thought you buried me, didn't you? Risky. Cos I always come back, deep down you know that, and will either get that reference, or not lol. Either way, local boy done good.

Anyway, sorry for the long gap in blogposts, it has been a bit busy. And that is, of course, an epic understatement. Any of you following the site and KF in general will know that we have a lot going on, and not just the vinyl - there are events, and plans, and all sorts of interesting things going on behind the scenes. It is a lot of fun...but the sheer amount of vinyl landing has probably been the main reason why I have not had time to write a blog post in a bit.

Having said that, it is nice to start a blog without having to bring you all up to date on why something is late, because nothing is late and all orders are shipping out fast. We have NO pre-sales going on at this time. A week or so ago, we hit the "mark as sent" on the packed orders and all orders were cleared. Hooray!
Luckily, within an hour a few more orders had come in...A shop will tend to panic if there are no customers lol...And we will be doing some pre orders soonish - as we have both the Isotonik box set and the Acen Monolith selection, which is incredible and needs some explaining....Which I will do in this very blog! But first...have you got the new bundle or singles? You really ought to cos it is Nookie and Stephano and Empyreal - three artists who all sound totally distinct...its available here: Empookieano Bundle

So lets bring you up to speed on all things, and hopefully this will be a nice read on a Friday afternoon. But we will start on some less fun news. 

In the last 2 years, the cost of every part of pressing a record has gone up and up, and in the last few months, those costs have risen again. I have done all I can to keep prices down, but in early June we will have to raise prices again a little bit. Many stores are already charging £15 (inc VAT) or more per record, while we are still £14 (inc VAT), and we will hold back as long as possible, but yeah, we will have to go up in price a bit too. Boooo :(

Moving on to more interesting things...we are FINALLY getting a schedule of what is coming. It has been my single bone of contention with the new pressing plant I am using. The records come well packed, are flat, and look and sound fantastic. The speed of turnaround is pretty fast - 12-16 weeks usually. But they have been really lousy at telling me WHEN something is coming. However, I am starting to get info, so I can say with some confidence that these will be the next releases, due early June:

KOOR11 - New Decade - Extreme Levels Remixes

KOOR12 - Flatliner - Vanilla Skies EP

KF169 - Secret Squirrel - Wickford Badboy Double Pack EP

KFP05 - Alias 303 - Riot Phase EP

KFP06 - LQUD - Chronologica EP

KOOR11 and KFP05 are actually already here, and both KOOR12 and KFP06 are "imminent" I am told.

We are also expecting the incredible Bad Onion EPs any day now:

KBO01 - Al Storm & Euphony - Party People EP

KBO02 - Euphony - 8.9.90 EP

These will be on limited color vinyl, and I think they will fly out. As mentioned before, I liked these both so much that I wanted them for Kniteforce, but Al Storm and Euphony also wanted to do their own label, and so Bad Onion. Very exciting stuff.

And I think KF244 - Isotonik Box Set is also likely to arrive in June or early July, along with the two Criminal Minds EPs, but I have not had confirmation of that as yet:

KF244 - Isotonik - Different Strokes Box Set

KF182 - The Criminal Minds - Rocksteady EP

KF196 - The Criminal Minds - B Boys Takin Over EP

There are numerous other releases that I am expecting in June and July, but the only other one that has been confirmed with a release date so far is KF171, and that is coming at the end of June. What is KF171? It is Acen - Champion EP, containing the lead track "Champion" which I feel is simply one of the best "new" old skool tunes since this revival began. It is complete brilliance. So most of the rest of this blog is going to be dedicated to Acen and he and I have been working for over 2 years to bring you this ridiculous schedule of music. Now, the dates are NOT finalised yet, the end of June / early July we will be bring you:

KF171 - Acen - Champion 

KF113 - Acen - Play (Repress)

KF126 - Acen - Thrilla (Repress)

KF135 - 140 - Trip To The Moon EPs repressed as singles, in limited colored vinyl with a new sleeve. Here is an artwork example...

And then, shortly after that, perhaps later July for a late August release, we will open the pre-sale on:

KF170 - Acen - The Monolith Box Set

KF228 - Acen - Unreleased / Rare Vol. 1

KF229 - Acen - Unreleased / Rare Vol. 2

KF239 - Acen - SECRET (art by Junior Tomlin)

The Monolith Box Set will come with a COMPLETE ACEN USB, all the tracks in digital plus bonus, as well as a slipmat and a poster. Which you could maybe get signed at Knite Club 2....

Early Bird tickets at the lower price will be ending on June 2nd, along with the first reveals, so if you wanna get tickets, now is the time...


One more thing to add re: the above. We ARE going to start making any limited release or pre-sale available to VIP people a little early. This will likely start with the Isotonik Box Set, but all the above Acen releases will be done that way as well. This is partly as an additional bonus for VIP customers, and partly to ease the strain on the website when we have a big release. 

So yeah, feel free to ask any questions below, and I will do what I can to answer them. there are so many releases I have not mentioned that are due, but until I have a full schedule, all I know is "soon"...

Nice one,


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That is some mighty fine artwork from Mr Tomlin on the Acen release! I don't like to wish the time away, but I'm really looking forward to Kniteclub 2.

Commented 19th May 2023 11:17

Me too - and the artwork from Junior is top notch. He did the Champion single artwork too!

Replied 19th May 2023 05:56


Can I get on the pre pre sale for all the upcoming Acen!!! Thanking you muchly!

Commented 19th May 2023 11:25


Sounds like things are going well!! Thanks for the update, lots of nice stuff on the way! Will the KF footy tops be re-introduced at some point?

Commented 19th May 2023 12:39

Its all pretty exciting atm for sure! And yes, I will see about getting the footy tops back on the store...

Replied 19th May 2023 05:57


EZ big C any update on Q Project / The Trip Remixes...thanks

Commented 19th May 2023 03:47

Could be anytime. Theres a lot of releases that are sort of in that no mans land where they are due, but I do not have a scheduled date yet!

Replied 19th May 2023 05:57


Bad Onions!!!!! At last!!!!

Commented 19th May 2023 03:54

Agreed! They are stupendous!

Replied 19th May 2023 05:58


Kudos to yourself and your team, even with all the delays over the last couple of years (not your fault), you guys have consistently churned out banger after banger. Hats off to you all. I look forward to many more bangers from you guys.

Commented 20th May 2023 06:16 | Updated 20th May 2023 06:16


Top bombing, Keep up the good work Chris

Commented 2nd June 2023 12:13 | Updated 2nd June 2023 11:53