Big Store Updates...

Hello everyone,

One of the small advantages of “not many records coming in” is we get time to reorganise a little.

So today I updated the store! 

We have a lot of stock to shift before we are inundated with new vinyl, so the bargain Bucket has reopened with a ton of discounted EPs etc…

On top of that, we have added:

A bunch of records that were out of stock but we only have one or two of, including earlier KFWs and things like Acen - Thrilla and more. Only one or two of each tho…

We have added some more of the epic Pronin release!

We have added a few more on Tunnel 02, 03 and 04!

And for you digital fans…we have added complete digital collections for 

Complete Kniteforce (KF01-KF80)
Complete KFA (KFA01 - KFA100)
Complete Knitebreed (BREED01 - BREED20)
Complete Remix Records (REC01 - REC20)
Complete Influential (INFL01 - INFL20)

We have also made every one of the releases within those complete bundles available for download individually. Of course, many of the VIPers and long time fans will have most of these, but it does mean a few of the Influential, Knitebreed, Kniteforce and Remix releases are now available to download as singles for the first time ever…

So all in all…yeah!

Nice one,


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