A Quick Thursday Update...

Hi Everyone,

I am gonna do my absolute best to keep this as short and sweet as possible, as its just sort of a "top up" blog lol.

So, Moondance: All the 5 vinyl set orders have been sent out. We are still awaiting the 6th vinyl, and the two sampler records that make up the 8 vinyl set. All three of those records are pressed and being packed at the plant either today or tomorrow, and will be with us either Friday or Monday. As soon as they are here, all the orders will be sent out.
Sorry for the slight delay on that one - the new pressing plant did all they could to get the KF230 box set to us, let us jump queues and all sorts...only, they were not aware how important the KF231, 232, and 233 were to that set. But they are now pressed, and will be with us soon, and with you shortly.

KF99R - Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Bootleg Remixes), and KF203 - Dj Solo - Darkage, and KF204 - Dj Solo - Darkage (Original Remixes) were all meant to be here early this week, but are now also likely to arrive tomorrow or Monday. And as above, we will pack and send as fast as humanly possible!

KF200 / KF201 - Nookie Box Set. Four of the records are pressed. One piece of metalwork needs a redo due to a fault, which means the entire set will be a week or two out. But it was always planned for Mid April via a very short Pre Sale - the plant promised me "in April" and "in April" is exactly when it will come. It will go on sale tonight so we can be ready to pack and send everything in a timely, non crazypants manner, and all will be well. This is going to be a big one, so if you are reading this on the Thursday that I posted it, the 6 vinyl set is gonna go on sale at 7pm tonight, and is only 300 copies, so I suspect it will be gone real fast. The 5 vinyl set will go on sale once the 6 vinyl set is gone, and is also limited in number at this time.

I know many of you like to combine purchases, but it is likely to be a bad plan to wait on the Pennywise repress before buying the Nookie Box Set. Box Sets are always unpredictable, no two we have released have sold the same amount or at the same speed, but if ever one is gonna sell out fast, it will be this one. 

KF197 - KF199 - The Symphony Sounds Repress (Pennywise, Pennywise remix, Really Livin etc). These are expected in the next week or two, they were meant to be here already so I would think early April.

Everything else: Its hard to say what will come when - I know many of you will have seen that we unexpectedly got KFW19 (Ross Fader) and KBOOM05 (Citadel Of Kaos) this week. As I mentioned in the FB post, we currently have 3 or 4 different "streams" of vinyl all going on at once.

We have a few that are still coming from MPO - 10" releases and represses of older things, and those ones are of course on MPOs schedule.

We have the metalwork for the releases we took back from MPO and moved to POV (our new excellent pressing plant). That was a huge number of releases, about 70 initially, and it included things like Moondance Box Set, Force & Evolution Box Set, Nookies upcoming box set, Pennywise, and numerous other releases...some that have landed, some that are still to come. All of these were put into the new plants schedule BUT they have to have the metalwork redone because POV uses different machines to MPO, and some of the MPO metalwork is damaged or MPO sent the wrong thing etc etc...so those ones take a little longer and are sometimes hit by unexpected delays.

Then we have things like KBOOM05, which alongside KBOOM03 and maybe 10 others, were the very first metalwork we got back from MPO. A few of those ones are overdue because of the general chaos when we initially moved metalwork. I think we are now only waiting on INFL26 out of those orders.

And then there are things like the DMS releases, the KFW19 Ross Fader and others - these ones were all entirely via the new plant from start to finish, and as such have a swift 10-12 week turnaround.

This is why, for example, we have had KFP09 and KFP11 before we have had 05 and 06 - 09 and 11 were all through the new plant, 05 and 06 were from MPO. The same thing with KFW19 arriving before KFW17 and KFW18. Both 19 and 20 are new pressing plant, 17 and 18 are transfers from MPO.

So its a little bit chaotic and will stay that way a little longer, but its the chaos of a lot of releases arriving, rather than the chaos of problems and issues. This situation will have resolved by June I think, because I only have about 10 more 12" releases, and also my Luna-C Fractured Box Sets, still to order from all the metalwork moved from MPO. Everything else is already ordered and in production.

And thats all the info for now. Sorry for the wall of text, this is my version of a quick blog lol. Anyway, here is a horrendous picture of Phoenix to show up on the FB preview bit lol...

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It's amazing how perfect in time you send out all the infos. I'm surprised that you still receive complains sometimes... Kniteforce has the best organisation I've ever seen!

Commented 30th March 2023 12:51


Can't knock your communication mate, makes the waiting much easier!

Commented 30th March 2023 02:26


Do you think any of the nookie box set will be released as single 12's like the other box sets? Only missed out on only you first time round.

Commented 30th March 2023 04:28