A Quick Friday Update....

Hi Everyone,

A quick-ish blog post for me today!

So firstly, those of you following FB and on the mailing list will know that the KF230/DAR30 Moondance Box Set FINALLY arrived on Monday! Hooray!

What most of you wont know is that one of the worst stomach bugs I have ever had also arrived at about 9pm on Sunday night. 

It then proceeded to wreak absolute havoc with me for 48 hours, and Monday and Tuesday were basically spent...let's say "close to a bathroom at all times". How did I move all the box sets in that unexpectedly arrived early Monday afternoon? Slowly, and carefully, and with plenty of rest periods, before collapsing into bed.

On the whole, it was unpleasant. Over that period I at 3 pieces of toast, and a pot noodle, and lived basically off of Gatorade and sleep.

On Wednesday morning I took Wilder and Phoenix to school, and Wilder got out of the car and threw up all over the pavement in four huge puddles of disgusting. So he got congratulated for not doing it in the car, and then he came home with us. None of us, other than Phoenix, were particularly well. And Phoenix had already done the vomit thing on Saturday last week....sooo...all in all, this week has been a bit of a blow out...

I am writing this Thursday night, and both Wilder and I are pretty much better.

I mention all this because, regrettably, the Moondance box sets haven't started going out yet. Having said that, even had I been well, they wouldn't have gone out, because KF231, KF232 and KF233, the bonus record and the two samplers, haven't turned up yet.

The plant had some sort of minor delay, but said the records will be here in the next few days. So all of that is to say: We will be sending the Moondance set out next week :) Sorry for this last little delay, but in honesty, had these extra records arrived, we would still be right here because this week really hasn't been that productive, despite appearances. If Cindy hadn't been at least half well, I have no idea how we would have managed even the basics of life!!!
But yeah, it will be done as fast as we can do it, hopefully all by early next week!

A few other things while I have you :)

On Sunday we are relaunching the merchandise part of the site. We took it down for a while because we just had so much going on, and we were having issues with getting some of the items ready for customers, and we ended up with a bit of a backlog, and then Xmas came and it was all...just too much. Kniteforce is expanding at a hell of a pace, and it is often tricky to manage all the things as we grow, so this is one of the things that had a bit or realignment.

But it will be back on Sunday, along with a whole load of restocks and new releases from non Kniteforce labels, and also restocks on the two Dj Solo EPs -  KF203 - Darkage (Original Mixes) and KF204 - Darkage (Original Remixes). We have also got a repress of KF99R - Hyper-On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (The Foul Play And Bootlegged Remixes)...

so that covers Sunday....

And then, finally, after a very long wait, the following week, on Thursday the 30th of March, we will have the much anticipated box set from Nookie "The Rest Is History", available to order:

This box set is very exciting, as it has some of the most sought after releases from one of the most talented and incredible legends in our scene, along with stunning remixes from Blame, Pete Cannon, Acen and Madcap, and...well...I mean its a brilliant package all around. The first 300 are the 6 vinyl version, which has the extra white vinyl (duh) and a slipmat too.

After that, we will have the 5 vinyl version for sale. 

We are expecting the delivery of the finished set to arrive in April. It is coming from the new plant who have so far proven to be reliable again and again with their timing (by which I mean...they are occasionally a week late, but otherwise, excellent). 
I am of course reluctant to do a pre sale of ANY kind, but this is a necessary one for a few reasons. The first is, as mentioned before, box sets are hard to judge. I have no idea if I have ordered too many or not enough. I think not enough, but...yeah. The presale allows the new plant to up the order a little if needed. 
But also, we have had a huge amount of records arrive recently, and it has been chaos...so a few weeks to ensure we have all the packaging in place and be ready to get these sets in and out wont go amiss. And lastly, the incredible record influx for us is going to ease off a little, but not by much...and Pennywise is coming, among many other releases. The Nookie Box Set is the last box set for a good while, so I want to get the orders in, and then to get the records in, and then to get them packed, and then to get them shipped in a timely and comfortable manner...instead of what it has been for the last 8 months which is "PANIC! BOX SET ARRIVED! IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU SPEND ALL NIGHT ON THE TOILET CHRIS, YOU HAVE TO SHIP THEM NOW" lol....
Frankly, circumstances with the delays in 2022 have made the start of 2023 absolutely ridiculous, so we could do with making it a little easier on ourselves at this point!

Aannnyywaay....I think thats all the updates for now! As ever, thank you for the support and see you soon :)

Nice one,


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Hope you all feel better soon!! Will ask my usual ‘will there be kniteforce footy tops available soon?’ question and just say thanks for the update.

Commented 24th March 2023 08:57 | Updated 24th March 2023 08:57


Hope you will feel better soon mate. So many excitements are coming, it's crazy. Kniteforce for ever! One Nookie box is mine LOL

Commented 24th March 2023 09:49


Hope you all feel better real soon. Fantastic months ahead for the KF family glad I can share the ride, exciting times!

Commented 24th March 2023 10:36


Hope you all feel much better! Tha0nks for the hard work through it all :)

Commented 24th March 2023 01:46


I hope you and your family feel well soon

Commented 24th March 2023 03:12


Glad to hear you are feeling better and really appreciate your dedication!

Commented 25th March 2023 12:04


Hope you are all feeling better soon, much respect!

Commented 25th March 2023 11:29


Glad you're better. proper busy! Looking forward to what the year has in stock! As always thank you so much for the dedication. big up!!!!

Commented 26th March 2023 02:32


Moondance box set landed today - chuffed as nuts, amazing production quality (both audio pressing & boxset / sleeves) - thank you Chris! One of the major easter eggs on this boxset is Stormski - Dream of Heaven, hadn't heard it before but G Double E - Fire When Ready is a major favourite of mine as is JT Company - Don't Deal With Us so absolutely loving this inclusion! In fact any chance of a colab to release the whole ep on vinyl? Cheers ears :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTQ1pcbRBS8 https://www.discogs.com/release/4742089-Stormski-Dream-Of-Heaven-EP

Commented 15th April 2023 01:35