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Hello Everyone,

I have actually been putting off writing this blog because there is so much happening, and it is happening so fast, that as soon as I start writing it is basically out of date. Not to mention, it has been the busiest ever. Like, so ridiculously busy that Cindy and I have been working from the moment we get up until just before we fall asleep, and my mornings now start at 5:30am. This is partly due to being away for a week - you wouldn't think it, but a weeks holiday lets all sorts of things pile up (such as record deliveries) and so you have to manage those things while also doing the usual day to day stuff. It's been a lot, is what I am saying. Too much even. For example, last week, we had...hmmm....7 pallets delivered, containing NINE different releases and some sleeves. Planning the schedule for that many releases is tough, especially when they are having to slot in between the imminent release of the fantastic Isotonik Box Set, and numerous Acen EPs and upcoming Monolith box set!

The label has grown so fast the last 6 months, and the combination of late deliveries arriving, and on time deliveries arriving, has left us a little bit "headless chicken" lol. Not only that, we have a bunch of seriously epic deals and releases on the horizon...if all goes as expected, we may well double the size of the business by the end of the year...the bottom line is, I am going to have to work out new ways of doing things, and we are going to be adding to the staff here at Kniteforce HQ! And it means we will be expanding what we sell in our store, and moving to (almost) weekly releases, which is no different to any record store really. We already do that with the Sunday night "other label" stuff, where we have the pleasure of selling music from our friends such as Burning Bush, Good 2 Go, Karma and Overshadow. The only difference will be much of the weekly releases on our store will be from us, and many will be exclusive to us.

For now, let me give you the rundown of what things are coming and when:

June 15th: 
KF244 - Isotonik - Different Strokes Box Set Pre Sale Opens

June 22nd:
KBO01 - Al Storm & Euphony - Party People

KBO02 - Euphony - 8990

KFA125 - Mountain Terrace - Double Love EP

June 29th:
KF171 - Acen - Champion

KF113 - Acen - Play

KF126 - Acen - Thrilla

KF135 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Part 1 (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

KF136 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Part 2 (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

KF137 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Part 3 (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

KF138 - Acen - Trip To The Moon 2092 (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

KF139 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Remixes (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

KF140 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Bonus (Color Vinyl Limited Repress)

July 6th:
KOOR11 - New Decade - Remixes EP

KOOR12 - Flatliner - Vanilla Skies EP

KF169 - Secret Squirrel - Wickford Badboy (Double Pack)

July 27th:
KF170 - Acen - Monolith Box Set (Pre Sale)

KF228 - Acen - Rare / Unreleased Vol.1

KF229 - Acen - Rare / Unreleased Vol. 2


Between July 6th and July 27th, well...I don't rightly know. This month I am expecting the Wots My Code EPs, the Criminal Minds EPs, Fast Floor and EPS EPs, KFW17 Beeno and KFW18 Sunny & Deck Hussy, KF157 Remixes 19, KF178 Phuture Assassins, KF173-175 Alex Jungle, KRG01 & 02, Bay B Kane and Paraquat, and numerous others. So we will schedule those as the come in. And just an hour ago, I was told KOOR13 and KOOR14 are gonna land with me on Friday. This is what i mean about it all being a bit much. But on the plus side, its a bit much "INCREDIBLE MUSIC" and that? Well, I love that.

So for now, I will leave this little long blog where it is. We may well adjust many of these things, we will see....But most of the above is pretty solid!

Have a lovely evening!

Nice one,


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If you need any help Chris give us a shout fella

Commented 14th June 2023 05:36

That is very kind, I may take you up on that!

Replied 14th June 2023 06:22


This weekend is my birthday, so I can make myself a "little" present with Isotonik Box set and the colored TttM 😁 also the Acen release of Champion should not be missed. Keep up the good work Chris, but take care of yourselve and don't overtake you (or Cindy)!

Commented 15th June 2023 04:50


savage release line up

Commented 15th June 2023 06:03



Commented 15th June 2023 06:09


praise be to chris and familia... excellent work as always.....2 ideas for you...maybe do a KOOR quad pack special ??? and if you need help as your business grows,then hit me up i could do the dist from home. take the pressure off you guys,and maybe you might be able to take a fortnight off in da future.. peace out djgriff003

Commented 15th June 2023 07:30


Nice work my man, huge praise 👌🏻

Commented 15th June 2023 09:39